Pink Dentex fishing

The pink dentex (Dentex gibbosus) is a saltwater fish distributed from Portugal to Angola, Canary Islands and the warmer areas of the Mediterranean Sea such as southern Spain and the Gibraltar Strait area, Morocco, southern Italy, Tunisia and Algeria. They have very strong teeth to feed on fish, squid and mollusca. 

Large adult individuals develop a large hump (gibossus in Latin) on their head, typical to this species.

Dentex are a great species for sportfishing and are targetted mainly trolling or drifting with live bait. Squid or cutle fish are irresistable for these predators. A downrigger is a must to fish close to the bottom. Trolling artificial lures with intense colours (yellow, pink...) close to the bottom can also produce great fish. Drifting, a big weight can keep the bait close to the bottom.

Jigging is another technique to fish for detex. They live around rocky areas, wrecks and reefs. The larger fish are 1,2 m long and can weigh up to 18 kg (40 lb).

Pink Dentex fishing

Top Pink Dentex Fishing destinations

Distributed throughout the subtropical waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, the Canary Islands, Morocco and Senegal, the dentex live in inshore waters up to 100m deep. The best pink dentex fishing destinations are Spain (Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, Tarifa area), France (Mediterranean), Italy (Sardinia, Sicily, Naples...), Montenegro and Morocco.

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