Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is probably one of the easiest methods of fishing, the technique is really simple, consisting in a rig for fishing on the bottom with a weight attached to the line, and a hook at the end of the line.

Bottom Fishing

Equipment required for Bottom Fishing

For bottom fishing, you will require either a simple rod and reel set up or it is even possible to complete this fishing technique with just a handline.

You will also require a sharp hook, some bait suitable for the area and most importantly a lead weight used to sink your line to the bottom of the water.

Species to target when Bottom Fishing

This technique really has no limitations on which species you can target, as long as they live or feed close to the bottom of the water.

Species such as flathead, carp, trout, flathead and many more are possible in either fresh or saltwater areas.

Best Places to try Bottom Fishing

You can use this method in almost any body of water around the world as long as you know there are fish species that feed close to the bottom of the water. 

Try this technique in dams, lakes, rivers or even the ocean. It is also possible to complete from a boat or while fishing on land.

Best Bottom Fishing Fishing Charters

Olphi Nui Tahiti fishing Charter captain Sébastien  avatar

Olphi Nui

4 29,53 ft

Tahiti, Tahiti (POFR)

From 732,17
Dora Puerto Vallarta fishing


4 39,37 ft

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (MX)

From 504,94
Cabolero Cabo San Lucas fishing


6 29,53 ft

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur (MX)

From 925,73
Wild Lady Quepos fishing

Wild Lady

4 32,81 ft

Quepos, Quepos (CORI)

From 841,57
Quo Vadis  fishing

Quo Vadis

4 45,93 ft

Nouméa, (NCA)

From 1.600,00
No Limits One Tenerife fishing

No Limits One

7 28,00 ft

Puerto Colón, Tenerife (ES)

From 65,00
Dunna Denia fishing


9 42,65 ft

Denia, Alicante (ES)

From 1.049,00
Es Cau Barcelona fishing Charter captain Dani Marín avatar

Es Cau

10 49,21 ft

Port Forum, Barcelona (ES)

From 580,00
Gommone 850  fishing Charter captain Andrea Iacovizzi avatar

Gommone 850

6 27,89 ft

San Foca, (IT)

From 350,00
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