Pop fishing or "popping" is one of the most exciting ways to fish as you can witness all the action close to the surface of the water.

This style of fishing involves dragging a lure known as a popper across the surface of the water with a short sharp retrieving action. The lure slaps against the water creating a popping sound and fires up nearby fish.


Equipment required for Popping

To target fish using the popping technique you will require a rod that has the ability to cast long distances, a reel that can retrieve the popper with speed and standard line to suit your fishing environment.

The lure used is known as a popper, as thanks to its unique shape at the front of the lure, it is able to create a unique and enticing sound for nearby fish.

Species to target when Popping

There are a lot of species to target: Pike, Black Bass, GT, Dentex, Bluefish, Kingfish, Tuna, Saratoga, Barramundi, Striped Bass and any fish species that are often found close to the top of the water surface.

Best Places to try Popping

Any area that has either rock structure, a wreck close to the surface or a reef environment is great for using a popper lure to target fish species.

Locations such as New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, United States, Zanzibar and Papua New Guinea are great areas. 

Best Popping Fishing Charters

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