Marlin fishing

Marlin fishing brings together all the ways to target this amazing predator. Marlin are mostly caught trolling artificials or dead bait behind the boat at a speed ranging from 6 tot 10 knots. This fish is a fighting machine so make sure you have adequate fishing tackle on board.

Marlin fishing

Equipment required for Marlin fishing

The common way to go marlin fishing is of course with a suitable fishing boat. You can either use natural bait, lures or live bait to target marlin species.

You will also require a strong fishing rod and reel combination as well as suitable strength line and leader.

Species to target when Marlin fishing

There are a few different fish species in the marlin family. Common species that sports anglers target are the prized blue marlin from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, white marlin, striped marlin, speerfish and black marlin. Other species often hooked while marlin fishing is dorado, albacore and bigeye tuna.

Best Places to try Marlin fishing

The best areas to target marlin are where there is a large change in underwater conditions that create an upswelling current in the water.

Areas such as the north of Australia, New Zealand, Canary Islands, Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Hawaii, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Caribean, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica or Guatemala produce good marlin fishing conditions.

Best Marlin fishing Fishing Charters

Dorado Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria fishing


10 32,81 ft

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria (ES)

From 1.200,00
Balyhoo Punta Cana fishing


5 32,00 ft

Cap Cana Marina, Punta Cana (DO)

From 504,67
Fenix Nian Corralejo fishing Charter captain Jose David avatar

Fenix Nian

10 36,09 ft

Corralejo, Fuerteventura (ES)

From 65,00
Al Fin  fishing

Al Fin

5 36,09 ft

Amador, (PA)

From 1.093,45
Marlin Fever Punta Cana fishing

Marlin Fever

7 36,00 ft

Cap Cana Marina, Punta Cana (DO)

From 462,61
Sea Hunter Ireland fishing

Sea Hunter

12 39,37 ft

Youghal, Ireland (IE)

From 300,00
Escualo IV Mazatlan fishing

Escualo IV

6 26,00 ft

Mazatlan, Mexico (MX)

From 336,45
El Corrinche  fishing

El Corrinche

5 26,25 ft

Panama, (PA)

From 735,98
Dolphin Madagascar fishing


6 42,65 ft

Andilana, Madagascar (MG)

From 980,00
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