Grouper fishing

Grouper is common name for all the bass-looking-fish from the Epinephelinae Family. This family also includes sea bass by the way. Grouper are colorful predators who like to live in rocky areas, reefs, wrecks where they can hide.

Groupers are present in all subtropical and tropical oceans. They are taken deep sea fishing with natural bait (sardine, squid, ...), trolling with the downrigger or jigging.

There are groupers of all sizes and coulors, but the largest grouper are the goliath grouper. These fish can weigh as much as 350 kg (770 lb) and grow to lengths up to 2.5 m.

Grouper fishing

Top Grouper Fishing destinations

Groupers are present in all subtropical and tropical oceans. The best fishing destinations to fish for grouper are the Florida Keys, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canary Islands, Gibraltar Straits, Madagascar, Seychelles, Andaman Islands and Australia.

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Best Grouper Fishing Charters

Halya Dubai fishing
12 34,00 ft

Dubai Harbor, Dubai (UAE)

From 373,94
La Familia Panama fishing
La Familia
6 26,25 ft

Panama, Panama (PA)

From 386,30
Scorpio La Romana fishing
6 29,53 ft

La Romana, Dominican Republic (DO)

From 592,32
Predator III Croatia fishing
Predator III
5 32,00 ft

Jezera, Croatia (HR)

From 950,00
El Natilla Algeciras fishing Charter captain Juanma  avatar
El Natilla
7 29,53 ft

Algeciras, Strait of Gibraltar (ES)

From 700,00
Ti Yann Nosy Be fishing
Ti Yann
4 26,25 ft

Nosy Be, Madagascar (MG)

From 470,00
North Shore Sea Tours Azores fishing Charter captain Pedro Pacheco avatar
North Shore Sea Tours
4 18,00 ft

Calhau D' Areia, Azores (PT)

From 75,00
Kalymnos Segur de Calafell fishing Charter captain Alvaro  avatar
5 21,33 ft

Segur de Calafell, Tarragona (ES)

From 400,00
Palmer Senegal fishing
6 26,00 ft

Ngor, Senegal (SE)

From 500,00
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