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Italy is a country famous not only for its glorious landscapes, rich history, vibrant culture and delicious food. But Italy is also a fantastic place to go sport fishi...

Italy is a country famous not only for its glorious landscapes, rich history, vibrant culture and delicious food. But Italy is also a fantastic place to go sport fishing. 

You can try inshore fishing for seabass, bluefish, leerfish, dentex or amberjack along its 7500 km long coastline. Or you can target trout, carp, pike and catfish in one of it's spectacular lakes or rivers.

Offshore you can target spearfish, albacore and the king of the seas - the bluefin tuna in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

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Most popular fishing boats charters in Italy

Sciallino 34

6 32,81 ft

Imperia, Italy (IT)

From $645
Deposit non-refundable

Robalo 2660

5 26,00 ft

Porto Tolle, Italy (IT)

From $861
Deposit non-refundable

Risky Business

6 38,06 ft

Ostia, Rome (IT)

From $1022
FREE Cancellation 14 days notice

Arvor 21

3 19,69 ft

Imperia, Italy (IT)

From $538
Deposit non-refundable

Sampei I

4 30,18 ft

Cagliari, Sardinia (IT)

From $1291
Deposit non-refundable

Freccia delle Egadi

3 29,53 ft

Favignana, Italy (IT)

From $538
Deposit non-refundable

Geppe Primo

4 29,53 ft

Gallipoli, Italy (IT)

From $645
Deposit non-refundable

Pursuit 2570 Offshore

4 26,25 ft

La Caletta, Sardinia (IT)

From $1022
Deposit non-refundable


12 32,81 ft

Pizzo, Italy (IT)

From $608
FREE Cancellation 14 days notice

Reviews from the users

Marco - the skipper was a genuinely nice guy - his crew were helpful and fun - Marco took us out longer than planned and made sure we all had a good time. We caught a good sized blue fin tuna which we filleted on the boat. I would recommend “Risky Business” to anyone visiting Rome who fancies a piscatorial adventure! Bravo Marco
Jonathan Gregory

Captain Ricardo was a great host and he put us on the fish! If you want to catch some big fish see captain Ricardo!
Victorino Ordonez

Tips & Tricks, bait and more

Most rivers of Italy originate in one of the three main mountain ranges of the peninsula - the Italian Alps, the Apennines and the Dolomites. The most famous rivers include the Po, Adige and Tiber. Its rivers and lakes offer fresh waters fishing opportunities for spinfishing, fly fishing, carp fishing and much more.

Pike and zander fishing in Lago di Garda: Lago di Garda is one of the best places in Italy to fish for pike and zander. The lake is home to some of the largest pike and zander in Italy, with some specimens weighing over 20 kg. Anglers typically use techniques such as trolling, spinning, and bait fishing to catch these predatory fish.

Catfish fishing in the Po Delta: The Po Delta is another popular fishing destination in Italy, known for its large catfish populations. The delta is home to several species of catfish, including the wels catfish, which can grow to over 2 meters in length. Anglers typically use techniques such as bottom fishing and live bait fishing to catch catfish in the Po Delta.

Trout fishing in the rivers: Italy is home to many mountain rivers and streams that are ideal for trout fishing. The best time to fish for trout in Italy is typically in the spring and early summer, when the water is cooler and the fish are more active. Anglers typically use fly fishing techniques to catch trout in the rivers.

Carp fishing in the lakes: Italy is home to many lakes that are well-known for their carp populations, including Lake Bolsena, Lake Trasimeno, and Lake Maggiore. Carp fishing in Italy is typically done using techniques such as ledgering, float fishing, and method feeder fishing.

Sea fishing in Italy

Italy is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. The seafloor around the peninsula is very irregular with erratic rocky areas (often with vulcanic origin) and steep drop offs.

Inshore salt water fishing is good for seabass fishing and live bait fishing for dentex and amberjack for example.

Offshore there's bluefin tuna trolling or chumming. Trolling there's also albacore, skipjack and spearfish.

Top sport fishing species in Italy


Sport fishing can be done all year round in Italy, but the species and techniques that are available may vary depending on the season and location.

For example, in the winter months, fishing for seabass or bottom fishing is great along Italy's coasts. As the weather warms up in spring and summer, anglers can target a wide variety of species, such as pike, zander, catfish, and carp in the lakes, rivers, and deltas.

Tuna fishing season runs from April through early September.

During the fall season, many anglers target bonito, false albacore and mahi-mahi trolling artificials inshore.

In addition, live bait fishing for dentex and amberjack is possible all year round Italy's extensive coastline.


There are many stunning destinations in Italy, you wouldn't know where to start. We can't dig deep into Italy's enormous cultural and historic heritage, but here are just seven places you can't miss when you're going to Italy:

  1. Rome: The Eternal City, famous for its rich history and culture. In Rome, you can visit sights such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Trevi Fountain.

  2. Florence: The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, famous for its art and architecture. Florence is home to masterpieces by artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli.

  3. Venice: A unique city built on water, famous for its canals, bridges, and architecture. Take a stroll along the Grand Canal and visit St. Mark's Square.

  4. Milan: The fashion capital of Italy, famous for its style and elegance. Here, you can visit the Milan Cathedral and the La Scala opera house.

  5. Cinque Terre: Five picturesque coastal towns on Italy's west coast, famous for their colorful houses and sea views.

  6. Amalfi Coast: A stunning coastline in the Campania region, famous for its cliffs, beaches, and picturesque villages like Positano and Amalfi.

  7. Sicily: The largest island in the Mediterranean, famous for its rich history, dreamy beaches, baroque architecture, and delicious food. Visit sights like the Palermo Cathedral, Mount Etna volcano, and San Vito Lo Capo beach.


You need a fishing license for fresh water fishing in Italy, regardless of whether you are a resident or a tourist. The fishing license, called a "licenza di pesca," can be purchased at the fishing and hunting department of the provincial administration office (Amministrazione Provinciale).

Most saltwater fishing fishing however, do not need a specific license for foreigners and visitors. However, some areas, regions and marine reserves require a specific license.

When you fish on a fishing charter in Italy, usually your guide will take care of all the necessary licenses; this way you avoid all the hassle and you can fully concentrate on fishing.

Key takeaways

Avg Capacity: 5 people
Popular fishing techniques: Jigging, Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing
Average price: $0 per day
Low season price: $269 per day
High season price: $4710 per day
Included: Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures

Frequently asked questions about fishing in Italy

According to our customers, some of the most popular fishing charters in Italy are:
Sciallino 34
Robalo 2660
Risky Business
Arvor 21

Depending on the boat, a fishing charter in Italy can accommodate up to 12 passangers, although most charters are for 5 people.

Typically in a charter in Italy, a fishing boat charter will include the use of the boat, Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures. Some charters may also include Snacks and Drinks, while others may allow you to bring your own.

Renting a fishingboat in Italy costs on average $177 per hour. Many factors influence the price of a boat charter, such as the duration of the trip (and distance to the fishing grounds), the size of the boat or the fishing technique. Prices can range from $269 for 8 hours and 3 people to $4710 for 8 hours and 8 people.

The types of fish you can catch on a fishing charter in Italy will depend on the time of year. Some common fish species that can be caught in Italy include: Bluefin Tuna, Dentex, Little tunny, Albacore, Amberjack, Dorado.

In Italy you can do a variety of fishing methods including Jigging, Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing, Trolling, Spin Fishing, Live bait fishing. Regulations and restrictions vary depending on the species.



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