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Located in the Mexican Province of Quintana Roo, the Riviera Maya is a stretch of Caribbean coastline in the northeastern Yucatán Peninsula. The Riviera Maya isn’t only known for its numerous all-inclusive resorts, long beaches and nightlife in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum.

The Riviera Maya is also one of the world’s top sport fishing destinations. Thousands of people head to Mexico to go fishing in Riviera Maya: offshore it’s one of the best places for Billfish, tuna, wahoo & Mahi Mahi. Bonefish, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon, Permit, and Snook are the top species when inshore fishing.

Fishing trips in Riviera Maya
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Chutzpah Cancun fishing


8 34,00 ft

Cancun, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 606,34
Wasabi 32 Blackfin Puerto Aventuras fishing Charter captain Rico  avatar

Wasabi 32 Blackfin

6 32,00 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 397,26
Wasabi 35 Cabo Express Puerto Aventuras fishing Charter captain Rico  avatar

Wasabi 35 Cabo Express

6 35,00 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 480,89
Wasabi 38 Luhrs Express Puerto Aventuras fishing Charter captain Rico  avatar

Wasabi 38 Luhrs Express

8 38,00 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 522,71
Wasabi 45 Viking Express Puerto Aventuras fishing Charter captain Rico  avatar

Wasabi 45 Viking Express

8 46,00 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 664,89
Wasabi 53 Hatteras Puerto Aventuras fishing Charter captain Rico  avatar

Wasabi 53 Hatteras

16 53,00 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 836,34
Carrete Loco Puerto Aventuras fishing

Carrete Loco

6 39,37 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 376,35
Top Gun Puerto Aventuras fishing

Top Gun

9 39,37 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 485,07
Abiyael Playa del Carmen fishing Charter captain Salas  avatar


4 26,00 ft

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 292,72
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Tips & Tricks, bait and more

The deep-water channel off the Yucatan Coast squeezes the Gulf Stream as it passes by on its journey northward. This "funnel" effect causes an upwelling and an abundance of bait fish and of course their predators.

Big Game fishing in the Riviera Maya

The best offshore sport fishing in Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen fishing tends to take place from 15-35 miles from shore where the guides target Marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo & dorado. This means that longer trips are highly recommended for people whose sights are set on a Billfish. Most Riviera Maya deep sea fishing charters troll with live bait such as Bonito and Blue Runners, although dead Ballyhoos, cut bait, and artificial lures with skirts and teasers are also popular.

Bottom fishing in Riviera Maya

In Riviera Maya bottom fishing is good all year round. Captains prefer bottom fishing during winter time when off shore fishing and flats fishing is rather slow. Natural bait such as squid, shrimp or cut fish is ideal to catch Amberjack, Snapper, Grouper and all kinds of smaller reef fish.

Flats fishing & Fly fishing in Riviera Maya

Anglers who want to try surf fishing should load up with shrimp and squid for the best reaction from the local Snappers and Permit. Bocapaila and Ascension Bay flats, Isla Mujeres and Isla Blanca or the Nichupté Lagoon are hotspots to target all kinds of inshore predators with artificials like Poppers, spinners, stick bait and jigs.

The flats are also ideal fly fishing in Riviera Maya. Fly fishing fans can target tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Permit and Bonefish in these crystal-clear waters.

Top sport fishing species in Riviera Maya

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Apart from fishing in Riviera Maya you can also go cycling, kite surfing, mountain biking, snorkelling & diving, sailing, hiking and much much more. Visit the water & amusement Parks. Book a day trip to Tulum or Playa del Carmen.

Visit the complex of Mayan ruins Chichen Itza, by far the most well-known attraction in Yucatan and maybe in the whole country!

Enjoy the local food in the hundreds of bars & restaurants of the area.



If you are fishing from the shore, you will not need a fishing license. However, Mexico has strict fishing regulations for fishing from boats. Essentially, every person aboard a boat that has fishing equipment on board is required to have a license.

You can purchase a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fishing license through the CONAPESCA’s office in San Diego, California or on-line.

You can find more information on their website,

If you plan on using a fishing charter, most charter boats include fishing licenses in the cost of the charter, but to be sure it is best to ask when booking your trip.



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