Amberjack fishing

The Amberjack species are a game fish that are found both in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. They are related to the fish family known as Carangidae and usually found enjoying warmer water temperature areas. Jigging and live bait fishing are the best techniques to target these magnificent fighters.

Amberjack is considered a hard fighting and tough fish to land for many fishermen around the world. Some anglers refer to the Amberjack as being the "reef donkeys" of the water and what they lack for in appearance, they make up for in-game fishing power.

There are different types of Amberjack including the greater Amberjack, lesser Amberjacks, Almaco jack, yellowtail and the banded rudderfish. The greater Amberjacks as one would expect is the larger of the two. A typical adult will reach full size by around the age of 4. They grow to a maximum size of to 170 lb (80 kg). The lesser Amberjacks are usually found at a maximum of 5kg and generally live in deeper water than the greater Amberjacks.

Amberjack fishing

Top Amberjack Fishing destinations

Amberjack is found in oceans and waterways that connect with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Generally where the water temperatures are of warmer temperature. 

Locations to fish for them include the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of Florida.

How to fish for Amberjack

To successful target the Amberjack species you will want to be fishing in or around some underwater structure. Something like a reef or shipwreck are good places to find them. 

Sardines, herring and mullet are commonly used baits when targetting Amberjack. You can also use metal lures to target them with a casting or jigging method. 

Good to eat Amberjack

Amberjack is considered a good table fish to eat in a variety of ways and to some are a prized species to find on the end of a fisherman's line.

Cooking styles for Amberjack include baking and grilling.

Regulations for catching Amberjack

Amberjack is a regulated fish in many areas around the world and it will be important to check the local rules before targeting this species.

Size rules of 60cm and a limit of only 1 kept per person is enforced in certain locations around the world.

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