Fishing in Deltebre


Deltebre is a village situated in the heart of the Ebro Delta, next to places such as La Cava, Sant Jaume d'Enveja and Riumar. Fishing in Deltebre means ...

Deltebre is a village situated in the heart of the Ebro Delta, next to places such as La Cava, Sant Jaume d'Enveja and Riumar.

Fishing in Deltebre means - apart from enjoying the absolute beauty of the 19,280 acres of Natural Park - both salt water fishing & fresh water fishing.

In the river Ebro we can go fishing in Deltebre for carp, barble, enormous catfish, zander and black bass. The most popular salt water species from the Ebro Delta are seabass, bluefish, amberjack and leerfish. And don't forget the little tunny, bonito and bluefin tuna. These species are caught spinning or drifting off shore between the Ebro Delta and l'Ametlla de Mar.

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Deltebre, Ebro Delta (ES)

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Deltebre, Ebro Delta (ES)

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Deltebre, Ebro Delta (ES)

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L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Tarragona (ES)

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Todo excelente. Capitán, experiencia. Mi hijo y yo lo hemos disfrutando mucho y volveremos a hacerlo.
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Tips & Tricks, bait and more

Catfish are caught in Deltebre fishing with live eel or silverfish. Some anglers fish with a float, others prefer to use a rig with lead to fish on the bottom.

Deep-sea fishing with a worm, crab or mussel is fished for gilthead sea bream in the river, in Riumar and the beaches of the Delta.

Zander and black bass are caught mostly with spinning lures and plastic soft baits. Spinfishing you may also catch sea bass.

Live bait such as mullet, mackerel or horse mackerel is used trolling or drifting to catch bluefish or leerfish in the river and the mouth. Large amberjack can also be caught with live bait on the sea around the Ebro Delta.

Tuna fishing from Deltebre is basically done with two fishing techniques: brumeo (drifting) and spinning for tuna. In this area, there is not many boats that troll for them, although they can also be caught this way.

Top sport fishing species in Deltebre


Tuna, little tunny and bonito: April to October. In mid-June the bluefin tuna go spawn around the Balearic Islands and tuna fishing normally is slow from mid-June to mid-July.

Sea Bream and Sea Bass: all year round, although winter is especially good for larger sea bass.

Bluefish and leerfish: they are caught from April to November mainly. The months of May and June are very good and also September and October.

Winter is the best moment to catch zander: January to April. Catfish are caught all year round, but they are more active from April to November.


If you want to go fishing in Deltebre, you need a fishing license. The license is for both fresh water and salt water fishing. You can purchase a fishing license on the website from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Remember that the fishing charters in Deltebre or your fishing guide normally have the fishing license included in the price, so you don't need to buy one if you're chartering a boat or booking a local fishing guide.



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