Barracuda fishing

The great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda), often referred to as barracuda, is a long predator that can be found in tropical and subtropical waters where they like to patroll mangroves, reefs and drop-offs.

They are prized among sport fishers for their agressive attacks and speed, shooting through the water leaving the fishing lures in a terrible state. Barracuda are famous for their state-of-the-art biological hunting gear. They have enormous, sharp-edged teeth to kill all sorts of smaller and medium sized fish. The great barracuda have typical dark spots on their lower sides.

Record barracuda can grow to 1,5m and weigh over 45kg (100lb+)

Barracuda fishing

Top Barracuda Fishing destinations

Distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacifico Ocean, Red Sea and the Indian Ocean (not in the Mediterranean Sea, home to the smaller European barracuda), baracuda can be found around reefs, mangroves and drop-offs at open sea. The best baracuda fishing destinations are North Carolina, Florida, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Madagascar, Tahiti and a long etcetera.

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