La Paz Fishing: All you need to know

La Paz is an ideal getaway for the angler looking for not only fishing adventure but also alluring natural beauty. Some creature comforts of home like fine dining await you with a climate conducive to a variety of outdoor activities. Balandra beach is one of the best in Mexico with amazing sunsets. You can even swim with sea lions and whale sharks once you’ve had your fill of catching fish.

La Paz sunset

La Paz sunset

That said, La Paz is known as a fishing hot spot. Each year tournaments are held with significant cash prizes.  That is no coincidence, with locations like Tecolote Beach, Espirito Island, Cerralvo Island, Los Cerritos Beach, and many others, there is absolutely no shortage of opportunity or variety of species to pursue here.  There are as many as 900 fish species in the Sea of Cortez including the most prized gamefish in the world like Marlin and Rooster Fish all potential catches. Most of the summer and early fall seasons are prime time for both fishing success and to take a relaxing beach vacation outdoors. 

Fish species in La Paz

Rooster Fish

Rooster Fish fishing in La Paz

Rooster Fish fishing in La Paz

With it’s distinctive dorsal fin and striped scale pattern, the Rooster Fish is a true stand out.  Like many fish species, big roosters take big baits and live bait generally produces more sizeable catches. However if you seek the challenge of enticing your catch, poppers and swimbaits can absolutely produce as well.  Especially if you’re seeking some entertainment value, their topwater strikes are quite the spectacle to be seen. Early morning and late afternoons from May through August are the best times to boost your probability of success catching them.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi are known for a variety of attributes among saltwater species but when it comes to table fare, the Mahi Mahi is hard to beat. Renown for their flaky white tender meat, the Mahi Mahi is highly desirable. They also happen to be a blast to catch! Summer and well into fall are great times to catch Mahi Mahi. Espirito Santo Island is known as an area to produce solid catches.

Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna fishing with poppers

Yellowfin Tuna fishing with poppers or bucktail jigs

Tuna are also one of the most desired edible gamefish of the seas, be it saltwater or freshwater. Yellow Fin Tuna will challenge your tackle with long runs and powerful fighting prowess that is more than a match for most any angler.  They do not have great vision so the lower visibility hours of the day and using bait can prove successful. Los Cerritos Beach is one location known to produce good Yellow Fin Tuna action and the winter season is known to be a great time for them.


Marlin caught in top water off La Paz

Marlin caught in top water off La Paz

There are few images more iconic to an angler than the outline of a Marlin leaping from the ocean over the backdrop of the summer sunset.  Marlin are famous for a variety of reasons including their acrobatics, enormous size, distinctive bill, and are sought after trophies given their gorgeous beauty.  The peak of summer is prime time for Marlin beginning in June and a great location to give a try is Tecolote Beach for near shore angling.

La Paz Fishing Seasons

La Paz offers a great summer through fall getaway for anglers.  It’s a perfect escape destination after a long winter stuck indoors for many of the tourists that come to town. May through September is considered peak season for fishing while well into the fall can also be a great time for fishing inshore.

How to fish in La Paz

Super Panga from James' Mosquito Fleet

Super Panga from James’ Mosquito Fleet

While true of many fishing endeavors, you will want to try the early morning hours or later evening hours to improve your chances of angling success in La Paz.  The most desirable gamefish species are on the move during these hours when limited daylight means less visibility for prey, setting the scene for some of their best hunting and therefore your best catching. 

 Shore Fishing

Slack tide is the preferred time to fish from shore in La Paz.  These run the 2 hours before and 2 hours after a high and low tide. The quieter beaches away from the city center are preferred and you will need to stay 820 feet at a minimum from anyone in the water.

La Paz Fishing Charters

La Paz offers a variety of highly reputable and reviewed charters to choose from.  There’s real value in hiring a professional for a lot of things you want to accomplish in life.  Especially with a limited window of time available on vacation in a world class location like La Paz, invest in a great experience by hiring a guided charter trip.



Fishing Licenses

A fishing license is a must for any excursion and can usually be obtained for moderate cost.  They are generally sold for one day, one week, and one year terms.  Purchasing  online via a charter company’s website or can be obtained in person at tackle shops in town. 

With gorgeous natural beauty, endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, touring the town’s rich local history, culture, and cuisine, and so much more, La Paz really has so much to offer.  Did we by chance mention the excellent fishing too?  With all this fantastic location has to offer, why wait booking your next adventure?  Get started planning your perfect adventure today.