Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is a sport that combines fisherman against one of the oldest animals on the planet. It is an exciting form of fishing when productive and is usually done, but not always, by chumming the water close to your fishing grounds and fishing with an alive or dead natural bait.

Shark Fishing

Equipment required for Shark Fishing

You will need to use a surf rod if fishing on the shore to ensure you get a large cast out to the required fishing grounds. If from a boat you will use a strong boat rod, suitable fishing reel and strong line, hook and a wire trace.

The bait will be a natural bait that is either alive or dead.

Species to target when Shark Fishing

Popular shark species to catch include gummy shark, blue shark, hammerhead shark and mako shark.

Best Places to try Shark Fishing

Shark fishing can be done anywhere in the world providing the waters are known to have sharks. Destinations such as Australia, the United States are common to have fishermen chasing shark as a required catch.

Best Shark Fishing Fishing Charters

World Cat 32 Zihuatanejo fishing

World Cat 32

6 32,81 ft

Zihuatanejo, Mexico (MX)

From 542,76
Reel Stripper Puerto Aventuras fishing

Reel Stripper

6 29,53 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 375,76
Listo Cabo San Lucas fishing


8 32,81 ft

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur (MX)

From 1.127,27
Reel Screamer Puerto Aventuras fishing

Reel Screamer

6 29,53 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 375,76
Blue II  fishing

Blue II

7 32,81 ft

Neos Marmaras, (GR)

From 1.250,00
Veni Vidi Fishi  fishing

Veni Vidi Fishi

6 32,81 ft

Bouillante, (Guada)

From 900,00
El Corrinche  fishing

El Corrinche

5 26,25 ft

Panama, (PA)

From 730,64
Maverick Cancun fishing


2 16,40 ft

Cancun, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 229,63
Cleona Ireland fishing Charter captain Peter  avatar


8 36,09 ft

Ballycotton, Ireland (IE)

From 315,00
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