Gilt-head Bream fishing

Gilt-head Bream (Sparus aurata) is a common species in the Mediterranean Sea and also in the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to Cape Verde. Popular in the Mediterranean cuisine, the fish is easily recognized by the gold bar marking between its eyes. The largest gilt-head bream are 1 metre long and can weigh up to 7kg (15lb).

Gilt-head bream usually feed in shallow coastal waters up to 30m deep, however, they head to deeper waters up to 150m depth to spawn. These fish like sandy bottoms with rocky areas where they feed on moluscs, worms and other invertebrates.

The best way to catch gilt-head bream is bottom fishing. A single hook rig with a weight on the bottom works best. Gilt-head bream are very wary, so it's important to use a long fluorocarbon leader (20 pound test for example). Great baits are worms, mussles, crab and squid.

Gilt-head Bream fishing

Top Gilt-head Bream Fishing destinations

Distributed throughout the subtropical waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, the Canary Islands, Morocco and Senegal, gilt-head bream live in inshore waters up to 30 m deep. The best gilt-head bream fishing destinations are Spain (Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Alicante area), France (Mediterranean), Italy (Sardinia, Sicily, Imperia...), Montenegro and Croatia.

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Best Gilt-head Bream Fishing Charters

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