Cod fishing

Cod is a common name for a number of other fish species, like the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and the  Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus). Cod are caught in colder and fairly deep waters, close to rocky areas, wrecks and drop-offs.

Cod can weigh over 50kg and grow over 1,5m long.

The best cod fishing bait is crab, squid, worm, shrimp and dead fish. Cod can also be targeted with artificial lures such as pilkers and soft bait.

Cod fishing

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Best Cod Fishing Charters

Saga  fishing


12 40,00 ft

Reykjavik, (ICE)

From 98,42
Mahi Sportfishing Puglia  fishing Charter captain Fernando Rosiello avatar

Mahi Sportfishing Puglia

6 23,40 ft

Villanova, (IT)

From 550,00
Wahoo 1 San Sebastián fishing

Wahoo 1

9 37,73 ft

San Sebastián, Spain (ES)

From 875,00
Causeway Lass  fishing

Causeway Lass

12 39,37 ft

Portrush, (NIE)

From 467,16
Marlin 1 San Sebastián fishing

Marlin 1

8 27,89 ft

San Sebastián, Spain (ES)

From 345,00
Molly'O Ireland fishing Charter captain Rory  avatar


12 42,65 ft

Dingle, Ireland (IE)

From 400,00
TOP END SPORTFISHING Australia fishing Charter captain Richard Crookes avatar


6 30,00 ft

NT, Darwin, Australia (AUS)

From 865,54
Clare Dragoon Ireland fishing

Clare Dragoon

8 32,81 ft

Carrigaholt, Ireland (IE)

From 500,00
Maighdean Mara Ireland fishing

Maighdean Mara

12 42,65 ft

Galway, Ireland (IE)

From 45,00
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