Bluefish fishing

The Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) is known by anglers as being a fast, aggressive and strong fish of the ocean. They are fun to target and give a real challenge to anyone who comes across them while fishing.

Bluefish are generally found in small and loose groups rather than large schools of fish. They are found anywhere from 20-100 cm when a fully grown adult and have an average weight of around 9-14kg. 

They are an aggressive and extremely fast-moving fish that likes to stay living in locations with temperate and subtropical waters. Finding a feeding frenzy of bluefish is not uncommon and they have a unique attacking style which is often referred to as a "bluefish blitz". Bluefish are also one of a few fish that have been known to target and eat their own young. Bluefish are known as tailor in Australia and New Zealand.

Bluefish are famous for making spectacular leaps into the air during the fight. They have extremely powerful jaws with razor sharp teeth.

Bluefish fishing

Top Bluefish Fishing destinations

You can target bluefish in a variety of popular fishing locations around the world. Locations to find and fish for bluefish in high numbers include southeast Asia, Australia, Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, the Mediterranean Sea waters of Spain, Italy, France etc and various locations in the United States depending on the time of year.

How to fish for Bluefish

Bluefish can be targetted by anglers with either the trolling, spinning, bait or fly fishing techniques. The most common method, however, is with a shiny metal lure or spoon lure either casting and retrieving or trolling behind a boat.

"I prefer to use a 20lb braided line with a 40lb fluorocarbon leader for spin fishing for bluefish and leerfish. My favorite lures are large white poppers, walk-the-dog lures like Asturie and minnows. Normally I work the lures at an irregular speed and when I spot a bluefish behind the lure I speed it up!" 
George Patterson, Bluefish fishing expert in Spain.

Because they have extremely powerful jaws with razor sharp teeth, anglers use a wire trace rig for live and dead bait fishing. Natural bait can be fished trolling behind the boat at a speed of 3-4 mpf or simply drifting.

Good to eat Bluefish

Bluefish is certainly not a highlky sought after fish for food consumption. It has an extremely high level of Omega-3 and mercury in its meat. If you do like the taste of bluefish meat then be sure to eat in moderation.

Regulations for catching Bluefish

The keeping size for Bluefish is 60cm (23 inches) in most of the countries. Regulations vary by location, so make sure to stay up to date with the regulations in your area of fishing if you plan on fishing without a charter. We always recommend catching only what you require for a meal and always aim to catch and release where possible.

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