Leerfish fishing

The leerfish (Lichia amia) or garrick, is known by anglers as being a fast, aggressive and strong fish of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal waters from Western Africa to south Africa. They are fun to target and give a real challenge to anyone who comes across them while fishing.

Leerfish are generally found in small and loose groups rather than large schools of fish. They can grow up to 1,70m (5.5ft) and weigh up to 25kg (55lb).

Popping, spinfishing, trolling artificials, dead or live bait in shallow murky waters near beaches and estuaries, are the best way to fish for leerfish. They don't have sharp teeth, so you don't need wire traces to catch leerfish with natural bait. In fact, for leerfish fishing you need to make a discrete fuorocarbon leader with single hooks. In opposition to bluefish, who attack the tail of the baitfish, leerfish use to attack the head - keep this in mind when making your rigs.

Leerfish fishing

Top Leerfish Fishing destinations

You can target leerfish in a variety of popular fishing locations in the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal waters from Western Africa to south Africa. Locations to find and fish for leerfish include Croatia, Italy (like the Po Delta near Venice), the French Riviera (especially the Rhone Delta in the Camargue region, the Ebro Delta and the area of Valencia (Albufeira) in Spain, the area of Dahkla in Morocco and Dakar.

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