Barramundi fishing

Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)  is a little bit of a unique fish in the sense that they can adapt and live in either saltwater or completely fresh waterways. They are a fish species that any angler in the north of Australia is craving to catch.

When born a Barramundi will always be male and they actually change gender when they are around 15lbs in size. 

The best size for eating is generally considered between 60-75cm and anything over this size should be returned to the waterways so they can breed for future generations. Although, catching and releasing one of these fish over a metre is something all anglers strive for.

Barramundi fishing

Top Barramundi Fishing destinations

These fish are iconic with the northern regions of Australia but can also be found in areas in the south of southeast Asia as well as Papua New Guinea.

They are found in both fresh and saltwater areas that include estuaries, rivers, dams and ocean.

How to fish for Barramundi

A common and enjoyable way to fish for Barramundi is to cast at or around some structure areas. Barramundi love to stay hidden in old fallen trees, drop-offs and snaggy areas and then attack when something swims by they like.

You can also fish for them with both live and dead bait methods. Barramundi love moving water and you will need to organise a fishing trip to suit the water tides when in saltwater.

Good to eat Barramundi

Barramundi is a delicious fish to eat. They are one of the nicest and well-respected table fish in the north of Australia.

The fish from the saltwater areas are considered much nicer to eat though compared to the freshwater species. 

Regulations for catching Barramundi

Barramundi has an open and closed season in Australia and fishing outside of the correct season will result in large fines. 

There are also restrictions on fishing size and bag limits which can vary depending on the state you are fishing in.

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