We are in this together – How TomsCatch plans to survive and return stronger than ever

As all of us are acutely aware of right now, the world is in a state of panic and uncertainty. Countries are doing all they can to control and minimise a virus we now all know as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Governments are taking unprecedented measures to try and protect their population and as a result, many locations are currently in or planning to start complete lockdowns of businesses and non-essential services.

Us at TomsCatch, wish to extend our heartfelt thoughts to all of our valid fishing clients and indeed to the wider public community during these difficult times. Safety is our number 1 and only concern for everyone at the moment and we want to ensure we are following the advice of the governments and captains in each area that we operate in around the world.  

Taking into account everything that is happening at the moment we have decided to add peace of mind and flexibility to anyone that has a current booking with us. Our cancellation policy will be adjusted to reflect these uncertain times with anyone that booked a fishing charter with TomsCatch before the 14th March and that is occurring on or before the 15th of April entitled to request a change of date for your trip at no extra cost.

If you have a current booking with us please use our contact form and make requests to adjust your existing booking.

The situation is changing rapidly and almost daily at the current moment in many places around the world and we will keep everyone updated as best we can on what this means for future fishing trips in the foreseeable future. If you want to find out extra information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak then we suggest heading to the World Health Organization

What to do at the moment?

Currently, no matter where you are situated, you should be taking the advice of your local community and government as much as possible. Every situation is unique and as the health experts are warning us, it is, unfortunately, likely to get worse before it gets better.

Please continue to minimise any unnecessary travel away from your house and if you are required to be in a public area ensure you are taking the advice from medical experts and cover your hands and mouth as much as possible.

Practice the good social distancing rules we are being encouraged to follow and wash your hands at every opportunity with warm soapy water.  

What this means for the environment 

Without a doubt this is a sad and shocking time for the human population. We will all be affected one way or another by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Whether that be directly through our health or as a flow-on effect with tough financial situations at our job or own business.  

While this is occurring to us all, it is also a time where the planet is showing signs of strengthening. Already locations are reporting signs of a cleaner city with Venice, Italy recently making the news for the amazing transformation the waterways are seeing without as much human traffic. Fish are swimming in the canals and the water clarity is the cleanest it has been for years, this gives us hope that out of such tragedy can come something slightly more positive. In Madrid peacocks are walking without any stress through the city centre, in Barcelona wild boar have been spotted in the middle of town and without the traffic of ships and ferries, dolphins have reappeared in the ports of Sardinia.

At the moment in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s typically breeding season for many migrating fish species. Our friends from the professional fishing industry confirmed that bluefin tuna are currently following the coast line chasing kril and baitfish, along with dolphins & whales. Without the pressure of being heavily fished, who knows what this can mean for the fishing in the next months & years. As reported in one of our recently published blogs the tuna fishing was already well underway in the Canary Islands, so we imagine in a couple of months or next year will be no different and quite possibly a whole lot better.

If there is to be a silver lining taken from these unfortunate events let’s hope it is one of a stronger and healthier planet in the future.

Get in contact with TomsCatch still 

While we are no longer completing fishing charters in a wide range of areas due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are still actively working from home. We are available to make adjustments to your previously booked fishing trips as mentioned above as well as assist plan for your future fishing trip towards the middle to end of this year and certainly for 2021.

If you would like to get in contact with us please use the contact form found on our website. Together we will come back better and stronger as a company and fishing community. 

Until then tight lines and stay safe with your family.