Sea sickness on fishing trip

What Causes Seasickness?

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s understand what causes seasickness. Seasickness, also known as motion sickness, occurs when the brain receives conflicting signals from the eyes, inner ears, and other sensory receptors. The rolling and pitching of a boat can disrupt the body’s sense of balance, leading to symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.

Sea Sickness pills. Taking one 20 minutes before stepping on board can make a huge difference.

Sea Sickness pills. Taking one 20 minutes before stepping on board can make a huge difference.

Top Techniques to Stay Comfortable on the Water

Choosing the Right Boat:

Selecting the right boat can significantly impact your comfort at sea. Opt for vessels with stabilizers or choose larger boats that are less prone to the rocking motion that triggers seasickness.

Essential Preparations for Seasickness-Free Fishing:

Engage in activities that acclimate your body to the boat’s movements before setting sail. This might include spending time on the boat while it’s docked or participating in short trips to build tolerance.

Plan Ahead: Weather and Sea Conditions

Check the weather forecast and sea conditions before your fishing trip. Avoid days with rough seas and high winds, as these factors can exacerbate motion sickness. Planning ahead ensures a smoother and more enjoyable experience on the water.

Fueling Up: The Right Foods and Beverages for the Trip

Consume light and easily digestible meals before the trip. Avoid greasy, heavy foods and opt for snacks like crackers, ginger candies, and apples, which can help alleviate nausea.

Packing Seasickness Remedies and Essentials

Come prepared with a seasickness survival kit. Include items such as wristbands, ginger supplements, and over-the-counter medications like Dramamine or Bonine. These remedies can provide relief and make a significant difference during your journey.

Using Dramamine: When to Use It and How Long It Lasts

Dramamine is a popular over-the-counter medication for motion sickness. Take it at least 30 minutes before boarding the boat for optimal effectiveness. Keep in mind that its effects typically last around 4-6 hours, so plan your dosage accordingly for a seasickness-free outing.

Is Bonine Another Option?

Yes, Bonine is another effective option for combating motion sickness. Similar to Dramamine, it’s taken before boarding and can provide relief for several hours. Consult with a healthcare professional to determine which option is best suited for you.