Fishing Charters: improve your skills & save money

I know! … wouldn’t it be wonderful to be floating on the water every day? But, we all have the responsibility of jobs, a family and a ton of other things to do, before we have the luxury to focus on a fishing trip. So, when it’s finally your turn to go, you really need to have a great deal of knowledge to make your trip fully successful. Where’s the fish at? At what time of the day will they be biting? What bait are they taking now? Do you have the right gear for this particular fishing technique? Fishing charters might have an answer to all these questions, but which one is the right one?

You can go out there and try to learn everything about fishing on your own, but this will take a lot of time, effort, disappointments and money. Or, you can consider booking a fishing charter. Fishing guides are on the water every day and know exactly what the fish is feeding on and where they are. They have the right gear and the right boat. No matter how much experience you already have, booking a fishing guide is like taking a class: you’ll learn a lot from your guide! To put it in another way: you bring your hat and sunglasses, the fishing guide will bring the rest.

Fishing Charter in São Vicente

Fishing Charter in São Vicente

Private Fishing Charters

When you book a private charter, you rent the whole boat. Normally the price is the same whether you come alone or with your friends. The big advantage of booking a private charter is that the captain or fishing guide will have all the attention for you and you won’t be bothered by anybody else onboard. Although we strongly recommend following the advice from the charter guide, you can decide the fishing technique, when you leave and when return. If you’re looking for specific trips, like tuna fishing with spinning gear or fly fishing for sailfish – booking a private charter is the best option.

When fishing with kids, private charters are great because the captain can fully concentrate on the kids so everybody catches his fish. Capt. Julien from the Ebro Delta in this video below catches a nice seabass with a 10 year old boy.

Shared Fishing Charters

Some charters do offer shared trips. Fishing charters do cost quite a lot of money, so sometimes it’s beneficial to split the cost with other anglers. This way you can go deep sea fishing for less and you get to socialise with fellow anglers. When booking a shared fishing trip, the Captain decides the fishing technique and the departure time.

What does a Fishing Charter include?

Normally, charters and fishing guides will provide you with everything that you need. Most charters include rods, reels, line, bait, fishing licenses, insurance and fuel. The better charters also offer food and drinks, some even offer free transfers from your hotel to the boat. Make sure you know exactly what is included before you book. And don’t forget to check whether tax is included in the final price to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Can I Bring My Own Gear?

Of course you can bring your own gear. But you really don’t have to. Professional fishing guides will give you the most adequate rod & reel for that particular fishing trip. You won’t have to invest in your own equipment which you might not use again for a long time. Buying, for example, a full set of 80lb or 120lb marlin fishing rods, reels, lines, lures, teasers etc would be a major investment.

fishing tackle
fishing tackle


You Don’t Need Your Own Boat

When you buy a boat, you’re ecstatic twice , when you buy it and then when you sell it. Owning a boat is one of the most enjoyable possessions to have, but running it can be very expensive too. Even if you have the money to buy a boat, you need to worry about upkeep, maintenance of the engine and the hull, mooring costs, insurance, storage during winter etc.

Every time there’s heavy weather, you will worry, will the ropes hold during the next storm? Or will another boat be banging all night agains yours? On top of these responsibilities and concerns, you also need to pay for gas, a trailer, fish finders, radar, down-riggers, outriggers and rod holders, to name but a few. Therefore, it’s one of the main reasons that people book charters, to save a substantial amount of money than spent on a boat.

Learn from your Guide

Whether you’re new at fishing or an expert, your fishing guide will be happy to show you some new tricks, better ways to rig or how to present the bait for example. The guide will also show you where the drop offs are, how to navigate the water safely, and secret spots that you might not know about.


Check out our charters in Ireland for wreck fishing, fish for turbot, Ling and conger eel, highly recommended sea fishing trips (5 to 20 mile off shore).

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friends with a fishing charter in Barcelona

Close friends fishing with a fishing charter in Barcelona

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Best charter fishing boats

There are so many great boat brand that we won’t be talking about every single brand. There are certain brands, however, that unquestionably stand out among the crowd. We have our favorite charter fishing boats such as Hydra Sports, Grady White, Sea Hunter, Robalo Boats, Boston Whaler, Sea Ray Boats, Inc, Pursuit, Baja, Lund, Monterey, Everglades Boats, California Skiff  for the centre consoles. For the larger vessels the most famous brands are Viking, Riviera, Rodman, Tiara, Bayliss, G & S, Gamefisherman, Garlington, Jim Smith and Bertram. Sure, there are other boats and brands that belong in the list so feel free to leave a comment with your favorite boat.