Video – Gran Canaria ACTION releasing BLUE MARLIN and BIG EYE TUNA

From the 21 June, international flights from the EU’s Schengen Zone and the UK will be landing again on the Canary Islands. First tourists will arrive as holiday hotspots, beaches, hotels and restaurants embrace new social distancing rules. Having survived one if Europe’s strictest lockdowns since mid March, local businesses are eager to receive the first tourists. And so are the fishing charters in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Gomera and Fuerteventura.

In the meanwhile, the captains have been fishing for fun. Due to the lockdown and low human activity on the Atlantic Ocean, there’s plenty of fish around the Islands. Bait balls and sea gulls are spotted everywhere. There’s albacore, skipjack tuna, bluefin tuna and big eye tuna all over the place. Capt. Hafid even released one of the first blue marlin from the season.

Find below a great video from Hafid and his friends big game fishing. They caught several big eye tuna and also a very aggressive blue marlin. The leaps during the fight are just fantastic.

Cavalier Sport Fishing

Have you ever dreamed to catch a Blue Marlin or a Tuna more than 200 kilos? Cavalier Fishing Charters makes your dreams come true! Located in Puerto Rico, Canary Islands, Cavalier is excellent for your deep sea fishing trips with your family and friends. Everything is on board to enjoy a wonderful day light tackle fishing in Puerto Rico. They offer half day or full day fishing trips and go an extra mile to ensure your trip is memorable and productive.

The fishing charter Cavalier features all the best electronics to increase the chances of hooking a nice fish: Sonar, GPS, Radar, Plotter, VHF, etc. The 12 meter Cata 356 has a cabin with toilet. The Cavalier is powered by twin engines each 325 hp with a top speed of over 28 knots. The wide and stable boat is ideal for a day trolling or bottom fishing.

The best time for big game off shore fishing is from late April to early October. During these months we target magnificent fighters such as bluefin tuna, albacore, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, dorado, wahoo and spearfish. In fact, April and May are great for tuna fishing and May to October are the best months for marlin fishing in Gran Canaria.

Canary Islands reopens offering sun, sea, sand and safety

The travel industry from the Canary Islands opens their doors embracing new social distancing rules. Professionals are aiming to rebrand the archipelago as a tourist destination that offers safety along with the usual sun, sand and sea. In the hotels buffets are rethought, on the beaches sunbeds are moved apart, in the restaurants multiple mesures are put in place to guarantee maximum safety for everybody.

In total, the Canary Islands have recorded 161 deaths and 2,379 positives and today recorded no deaths and no new infections and wants to be known as one of the safest venues.