7 things you need to know if you’re going fishing in Croatia

Fishing in Croatia

Planning a holiday away to fish to your heart’s content can be a tricky process, especially when you’ve set your heart on fishing abroad. Exploring a new environment and city with the assurance that you can also have a relaxing on-lake experience is something that bodes well with a lot of seasoned fishers. Fishing abroad has the added benefit of exposing yourself to a whole range of different fish, fish you may well otherwise not have had the opportunity to catch. Choosing a destination once you’ve settled on the idea is the next step – and fishing in Croatia may well be your best bet.

Why fish in Croatia?

Croatia has the added benefit of year-round fishing – bottom fishing (deep sea) is available from January to December and you can cast your lines for both smaller reef fish or larger predators, depending entirely on your personal preference. If you’re interested in trying your hand at catching tuna, then visiting Croatia in the spring when they first arrive into the waters is ideal, although they do prefer warm water – visiting between April and November gives you the best chance at success with those nifty, large bluefin tuna. If late summer and autumn is more your kettle of fish, then the waters are filled with albacore, dolphin fish and horse mackerel – the perfect time for those who prefer to fish using light tackle trolling.

If you’re looking for another reason to choose Croatia as your fishing destination, then the sheer amount of different species of fish may well make your decision for you. From horse mackerel to pink dentex to atlantic bonito, there is a new species out there for even the most seasoned of fisherman.

tuna fishing Croatia

Tuna Frenzy in Croatia

Aside from visiting Croatia as an incredible location for fishing, there are many different experiences you can undertake on shore. If you’re interested in culture and history, then visiting Croatia’s vibrant cities and museums could be the perfect day’s rest from the water – book into a wine and menu tasting experience and see what else the country has to offer. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, then whenever you’re ready to take a break from fishing the Adriatic Sea then there are plenty of diving, sailing and biking experiences you can undergo.

Top fishing spots in Croatia

The quality of fishing charters in Croatia is high so choosing the best spot to get the most value out of your fishing experience is important. With reputable spots readily available for deep sea fishing, Croatia is definitely your oyster. Fishing charters in Croatia located on the Adriatic Sea are perfect for both experienced and novice deep-sea fishers, with half or full-day experiences available to book. Such an experience gives you the chance to try your hand with tuna and squid – if you’re lucky, you might even find yourself face to face with a shark. Whether freshwater or deep sea fishing is your preference, fishing in Croatia is definitely the perfect spot for you and your fishing needs.