The 8 best places to go fishing in Ireland

Ireland is known for its picturesque landscape, which makes it an excellent location for tourists to visit. The stunning green scenery is surrounded by charming coastlines and dotted with enchanting lakes and waterholes, which also makes Ireland the perfect place to go fishing.

There are various types of fishing, and the different regions have fishing options to suit everyone’s preferences. The sporty type can hire fishing charters in Ireland and explore the oceans. For fishermen who seek serenity, the country is also home to gorgeous blue lakes where it is easy to throw a rod in peacefully.

The top 8 places to go fishing in Ireland

County Sligo – Mullaghmore

Mullaghmore is a town based on the Atlantic Ocean. Fishermen visit the area to ocean fish for shark, and it is also great for catching tuna.

County Mayo – Belmullet

Belmullet is known for its dreamy peninsula scenery and for being a playground for those hiring fishing charters in Ireland. Tuna, coalfish, flounder, bass, and dogfish are commonly caught in the coastal ocean water.

County Kerry – Killarney Lakes

Killarney is a popular tourist destination, and many people flock to the area for the dining experience. The restaurants are renowned for serving up seafood such as trout that is caught fresh from the lake.

Galway – Lough Derg

Mayflies are rife in Lough Derg during April and May, which makes this an excellent time to catch trout. Trout are known to feed on mayfly, so fishing during the mayfly season is not only rewarding, it is a memorable experience where the fishermen can witness the feeding season.

County Meath – The River Boyne

Salmon enthusiasts flock to County Meath due to it being a popular spot for large schools of salmon. This Eastern Ireland region is also a great area to catch sea trout all year round.

County Galway – Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are located off Ireland’s West Coast and are a great choice for adventurous fishermen. It is possible to catch shark off the coast of the islands, and the open ocean water fishing enthusiasts flock to the area to try their luck in the open seas.

County Cork – Blackwater

Blackwater is a charming and unique district, and fishermen can expect to catch dace and roach in the winter months.

County Monaghan – Lough Muckno

Lough Muckno is home to several watering holes and lakes, with the main attraction for fishermen being the region of Castleblayney. The area is great for fishermen who like a challenge, and to go off the beaten tracks as it features smaller and less populated lakes such as Gas Lake, Killygola and Smith’s Lake.

County Tyrone – Strabane

Situated between the Republic and Northern Ireland, many fishermen flock to Strabane for the vast variety of fish available. The region is home to four separate rivers which feature a plethora of salmon and trout. The area is also famous for its renowned event – the ‘North West Angling Fair’.

Whether it is hiring fishing charters in Ireland or visiting one of the many inland lakes and watering holes, Ireland offers many different fishing experiences that can suit anyone’s desires.

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