WeFish mobile application now available in iOS & Android

WeFish is a mobile application available in iOS and Android, it’s totally FREE and its made for Recreative Fishing lovers.

WeFish allows its users to have a register of their catches with all the information they need:
– Atmospheric pressure
– Water temperature
– Location (private)

WeFish fishing App

WeFish fishing App

The application lets you plan you future fishing trips by informing you about weather conditions 7 days ahead. It also allows you to set personal weather alarms in order to tell you when the weather is perfect for fishing

WeFish is also a social network. WeFish community is great for anglers to share their experiences on their own boat or on fishing charters and learn from each other.

What really makes the difference is the gamification process of WeFish. WeFish makes the fishing experience funnier thanks to its rankings, its draws and rewards.

Download the APP HERE!




Tomscatch.com fishing charters WeFish

Tomscatch.com fishing charters featured on WeFish App.


See how the app works here:

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