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Are you a boat fishing lover and you’d like to share your catches with others? Would you like to exchange information about what you’ve caught while in the boat with other users? Or maybe you’d like to buy the best tackle and make it part of your own? We’ve got the perfect fit for you, then! Whatever is the fishing technique you’re familiar with, where your next fishing trip is taking place or the species you catch, WeFish is the place for you.

WeFish fishing App

WeFish fishing App

For those who don’t know yet, WeFish is the fishing app leader of the Spanish-speaking market and is available on both iOS and Android totally FREE. This app allows you to plan your fishing trips, keep a record of your catches, sell or buy tackle, share experience with the rest of the fishing community in it, and much more. WeFish will boost even more your love for recreational fishing. Apart from that, WeFish is also a social network. WeFish’s community is perfect for you to share your fishing experience. Show your best catches! So you can know what other anglers think about them and learn from them.

WeFish will allow you to be more aware of what’s around you, since not every fishing trip is the same and it is necessary to do some research on the area where we are planning to go fishing before actually starting doing so. We should know what the weather or the water temperature will be like, the wind and, above all, how all these affect our fishing. Although there is something more important to take into account such as the conditions and characteristics that attract different types of fish to a certain place.

WeFish solves all your problems. It allows you to plan your fishing trips, since it gives you detailed information on weather conditions even 7 days before your trip. It also offers completely customized predictions on what species to catch in a certain area, what techniques to apply and even what bait and lure to use.

Once you know what the weather will be like, another key aspect to take into account is choosing the right tackle to bring with you. The big fishing community in WeFish will provide you with all the needed details that won’t only help you become a better angler, but also to improve your technique for future fishing trips!

WeFish also allows their users to keep track of all their catches, including a lot of valuable information: atmospheric pressure, water temperature, the catch’s location. But don’t worry, your catch’s location will only be visible for you, since WeFish really cares about their users’ privacy and will keep it private from others.

Don’t wait any longer and join the best fishing community: WeFish | Your Fishing App.



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