Mauritius Fishing: 5 of the best fish to look out for

Fishing charters in Mauritius have become increasingly popular over the years. When you consider just what this fabulous island has to offer, then it is no surprise. Found in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar, it really is a tropical paradise. With calm seas, clear water, stunning beaches and friendly locals, it has everything you could ask for. Of course, Mauritius fishing is exotic with plenti of beautiful fish to catch.

But what are the best types on offer to hook in?

Yellowfin tuna

A big ocean fish that is high on many anglers list to catch is the Yellowfin Tuna. With its distinctive yellow marking and large size, it is truly one of the kings of the sea. Catching one of these will be an experience you will never forget. Luckily, there are plenty of them in the warm waters around Mauritius. For the really big ones that weigh in at up to 200lb, you need to be there in March and April. However, if you do not mind catching something smaller, these tunas can be caught all year round. Just be warned – they usually put up a good fight!

Blue Marlin fishing in Mauritius

Blue Marlin fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius Fishing: Blue marlin

The next fish that really draws anglers to Mauritius is the Blue Marlin. This is a true icon of ocean fishing with its long snout and unique dorsal fin. These stunning fish can be caught all year round which means you have a good chance whenever you can get over. The locals normally say that November to April is peak time though which is worth bearing in mind. With weights going from 100 to over 1400lbs, you have every chance of landing a whopper!

Amazing Colouring - Dorado

Amazing Colouring – Dorado


This fish is not only distinctive but a great one to add to your caught list. Although it is one of the lighter species you can catch in Mauritius, do not underestimate it. When caught using light tackle they really put up a fight and can get very lively. Found in the waters of the island all year round, they have a distinctive yellow colouring and squished up face. It is certainly one of the more memorable looking fish to get photographed with!

Wahoo caught trolling in Mauritius

Wahoo caught trolling in Mauritius


No-one knows if this fish is named after the sound anglers make when they catch one. What we do know is that they have been known to grow up to 125lbs but usually come in at an average of 45lbs. Another lively fish when caught using light tackle, they can be fished for all year in this island paradise from charter boats.

Giant trevally

The GT, as many anglers know it, is found all around the Indo-Pacific region. Definitely one of THE most wanted species for anglers to catch, Mauritius offers a great chance to do so. Found in many systems from deep pinnacles to shallower flats, this diversity is what makes the waters around Mauritius a GT hotspot.

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As the above shows, there is some seriously good fishing to be had in Mauritius. When you also add in the stunning scenery and warm weather then it is obvious why so many people head here. If you fancy fishing in Mauritius, then let us help you find the perfect charter boat to do it from.