Fishing in Sardinia with Tom’s Catch

Sardinia is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities, whether in local lakes, rivers or the surrounding oceans. If you’re looking for exclusive sea fishing adventures while holidaying in Sardinia, get in touch with Tom’s Catch as we specialise in providing the best fishing charters in Sardinia.

Fishing in Sardinia can be totally rewarding as our seas are jam-packed with different types of fish. You can learn all about different types of local sport fishing including:

– Bottom fishing where your boat will be anchored to the reef to give you opportunities to fish for sea bream, scorpion fish, snapper, jack, and the myriad of small bottom fish that abound on the reef. Worms are the ideal bait and will also give you sardine or squid catches.

– Jigging which is a very versatile sea fishing method and uses lures that are very attractive to a variety of fish. Long blade jigs, slow jigs, inchiku and rubber lures are excellent to target larger Dentex, Amberjack and Grouper.

Black Spot Sea Bream caught jigging in southern Sardinia.

Black Spot Sea Bream caught jigging in southern Sardinia.

– Deep sea fishing. You will find Bluefin Tuna, Spearfish and Albacore plenty in our waters in the months of May until September and exclusive boat hire from Tom’s Catch means your knowledgeable crew will take you to all the best fishing locations.

Experienced anglers will find that heading further out to sea gives greater opportunities to catch some of the best fighting fish, such as Dentex, Amberjack and Grouper. Families, on the other hand, may well prefer a slightly gentler day out giving added opportunities for swimming or visiting some of the most scenic spots on the Sardinia coastline. You could visit the beaches like Cala Gonone, Li Coggi beach, or the touristic Costa Smeralda.

Your exclusive fishing charters in Sardinia include a full day at sea, along with all the expert knowledge of your boat crew who are experienced local fishermen. You will be able to practice bottom fishing and trolling directly from your moving boat. All equipment is supplied, along with essential bait and drinks and food for all guests. We have great guides in Cannigione, Cagliari & La Caletta.

We’re really proud of the fantastic angling that’s available in Sardinia and a fishing trip can be fun for the entire family. You will get to see the spellbinding beauty of our beautiful coastline first hand and create memories that will last a lifetime. You don’t need to spend all your day fishing, your crew will be perfectly happy if you want to break up the fishing day and swim in the brilliantly clear ocean, or take time out to visit some of the deserted coves and beaches you spot on your journey.

Sardinia Tuna Fishing

Sardinia Tuna Fishing: nice Albacore caught trolling off shore

No matter where you happen to be located in Sardinia, get in touch with Tom’s Catch to source the most memorable fishing in your location. If you’ve never tried sports fishing of this nature, don’t be put off. Your crew provide all essential guidance and assistance in learning the basic fishing techniques, so you can be sure of a prize-winning catch by the end of the day! We supply affordable and unique fishing charters in Sardinia and these can be tailored to your needs exactly to ensure you enjoy a fun-packed family day out or a sports fishing trip of a lifetime. Get in touch for more details.

tuna fishing in Sardinia

tuna fishing in Sardinia

Fishing charter Sardinia

Fishing charter Sardinia

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