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Ibiza is known for its warm Mediterranean climate, its secluded sandy bays and photogenic rocky outcrops. Apart from the nightlife, the island offers a ...

Ibiza is known for its warm Mediterranean climate, its secluded sandy bays and photogenic rocky outcrops. Apart from the nightlife, the island offers a more relaxing side with great sport fishing possibilities.

Inshore fishing in Ibiza produces exciting reef fish such as snapper, seabream, jack, scorpion fish and nice predators like dentex, amberjack, seabass and pink dentex. Offshore, from April to October, massive tuna, albacore and spearfish can be caught drifting or trolling.

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Top Fish Species in Ibiza

Depending on the fishing seasons in Ibiza the captains will vary the fishing area and the techniques.

The top fish species for offshore big game fishing in Ibiza - mostly done during the hotter months of they year - are bluefin tuna, spearfish and albacore. Swordfish are a very sought after species, but also very difficult to find. Catching a swordfish in Ibiza will often require several days of patience.

All year round you can go reef fishing for good eating fish including scorpion fish, conger eel, snapper and blackspot seabream. In these rocky areas it's always interesting to put out a live bait for amberjack and dentex for example.


Red scorpion fish eat fead on fish and crustaceans.  It's a beautiful fish, very sought after by local fisherman in the Balearic Islands. Scorpionfish are usually caught bottom fishing in Ibiza with squid or cut bait in rocky areas (40 meters deep or more).


The best months for fishing them in Ibiza are September and October. This is a voracious species, caught mainly by trolling with small lures and feathers. They are good fighters who can jump during the fight.

Bluefin Tuna

Ibiza and Balearic Islands are one of the most important spawning grounds of this "king of the seas." The best time for tuna fishing in Ibiza is May & June and from late July to early October. Tuna fishing in Ibiza is mostly done by trolling or chumming.


Albacore is a good eating fish and very popular by sport fishermen. Between May and early August, you can catch this fish species while trolling and deep sea fishing in Ibiza.


The winter months are the best time to target swordfish, but again, not easy to hook one.

Top sport fishing species in Ibiza


Fishing Ibiza in Spring & Summer

Bluefin tuna pass through the channel of Ibiza, finding their way across the Gulf of Valencia to the Delta del Ebro to spawn around the Balearic Islands, the Gulf of Leon and other areas. May and June are great months for XXL bluefin tuna fishing in Ibiza.

From May through early August, the famous albacore visit the islands. Offshore trolling is the best way to target them using rubber squids or plugs.

You prefer to do a fishing trip in Ibiza closer inshore? Go reef fishing for smaller species including seabream, jack, snapper and scorpion fish. Fishing with live squid or jigging rubberjigs over the rocky seafloor, there's dentex, grouper and amberjack.

Autumn and Winter

Spin fishing and light tackle trolling are the main techniques for Autumn to target small tuna species (blue fin tuna, false albacore, frigate tuna, bonito...) and dolphinfish (1-10kg).

September to early November are also very good for fishing dolphinfish (dorado). The small bluefin tuna from 1-2kg is often found at this time of year.

Winter fishing in Ibiza is mainly bottom fishing, livebait or jigging around the rocky areas. The main fish caught during winter time in Ibiza are seabream, jack, snapper, scorpion fish, dentex, grouper and amberjack.


Apart from the nightlife - and of course fishing :-) - , Ibiza also offers other great activities such as cycling, kite surfing, wine tasting experience, snorkeling & diving, sailing, hiking and much more.

Visit the coastal towns like San Antoni de Portmany, Sant Miquel de Balansat, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Cala Bassa or Es Cubells. 

Culture lovers can spend some part of their holidays exploring the Catedral de Santa María in Ibiza town, the castle of Ibiza or the Iglesia Sant Rafel.

Enjoy the local food in the hundreds of bars & restaurants in Dalt Vila. Try the ensaimada, or a sandwich with sobrasada, a Caproig a la brasabullit de peix...


All anglers over 14 years need a fishing license to fish in fresh water and salt water which can be obtained on the website from the Gobern de les Illes Balears:

>> Buy a fishing licence

remember that the fishing charters in Ibiza normally have the fishing license included in the price, so you don't need to buy one if you're chartering a boat.

How much does it cost to rent a boat to fish in Ibiza?

Depending on the charter fishing boat and on the duration of your fishing tour, you’ll pay more or less for the tour. The price for a private 4 hour Ibiza fishing trip is 850€. An 8 hour private trip will cost you 1750€.

What does the price include?

The price usually includes the captain, fishing tackle, fuel, bait & lures, drinks, food and fishing licenses.

Once you’ve made a booking, the captain will contact you to arrange the meeting point and the departure time. Also, we recommend you contact the captain a couple of days before the tour to confirm the weather forecast.

Key takeaways

Avg Capacity: 7 people
Popular fishing techniques: Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing, Trolling
Average price: $0 per day
Low season price: $1654 per day
High season price: $2241 per day
Included: Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures

Frequently asked questions about fishing in Ibiza

According to our customers, some of the most popular fishing charters in Ibiza are:
Irene I

Depending on the boat, a fishing charter in Ibiza can accommodate up to 8 passangers, although most charters are for 7 people.

Typically in a charter in Ibiza, a fishing boat charter will include the use of the boat, Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures. Some charters may also include Snacks and Drinks, while others may allow you to bring your own.

Renting a fishingboat in Ibiza costs on average $288 per hour. Many factors influence the price of a boat charter, such as the duration of the trip (and distance to the fishing grounds), the size of the boat or the fishing technique. Prices can range from $1014 for 3 hours and 6 people to $2241 for 6 hours and 6 people.

The types of fish you can catch on a fishing charter in Ibiza will depend on the time of year. Some common fish species that can be caught in Ibiza include: Bluefin Tuna, Dentex, Atlantic Bonito, Amberjack, Dorado, European Barracuda.

In Ibiza you can do a variety of fishing methods including Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing, Trolling, Squid Fishing, Live bait fishing. Regulations and restrictions vary depending on the species.



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