Lanzarote Fishing Charter offers FREE ACCOMMODATION

Captain Berto is proud to be one of only two fishing charters granted permission that allows him access to fish in Europe’s largest natural marine reserve around La Graciosa. The area covers the Islands of La Graciosa and Alegranza, north of Lanzarote. It’s obvious that the waters here are home to amazing fishing opportunities that will result in catches of massive groupers, amberjack, barracuda, large snapper and red scorpion fish.

 In the months of January & February pelagic species such as bigeye tuna, bluefin tuna and albacore frequently visit the area to feed on the large shoals of mackerel and sardine. In fact, at this very moment, large schools of giant bluefin tuna, some with a size of over 250kg, are being spotted and most importantly successfully caught almost every day throughout the area. It’s an exciting time of year to be fishing in these waters with Capt Berto.

The Tuna Season is on

By trolling with heavy tackle (80lb), Berto targets these enormous bluefin tuna, whereas the smaller bigeyes can be caught casting top water lures. This is a great way to vary up your charter trip and also allows clients to use a variety of exciting fishing techniques. Last week, the bluefins wouldn’t bite, but the bigeyes where quite active offering multiple simultaneous strikes. One particular group had great fun on their trip and even managed to hook up and successfully catch 5 tuna at the same time during their day tuna fishing on the water. Also on other islands such as Tenerife, Fuerteventura and La Gomera there where massive tuna frenzies!

Jigging for Pink Dentex

Every year March & April consistently prove a great time target and catch pink dentex. The pretty and colourful snapper – brother from the ordinary dentex we all know from the Mediterranean Sea – is one of the favourite species for all jigging lovers. They can grow to over 15kg (33lb+) and are strong fighters that offer a test to any angler’s skills. During spring Berto prefers to catch them on fresh natural bait such as squid or cuttlefish and of course inchiku and long jigs. If you haven’t tried the fishing technique of jigging before then you are in for a real experience.

Jigging for Dentex in La Graciosa

Dentex fishing La Graciosa, Lanzarote

Amberjack Fishing in Lanzarote

Although the amberjack can be found around La Graciosa & Alegranza all year round, the best time for this predator is September, October & November. This is when the dorado arrive to the area and the amberjack just love them! With by-catch of the stunning dorado also possible it is a great time to plan a trip to Lanzarote.

Big Amberjack caught jigging in La Graciosa, Lanzarote

Big Amberjack caught jigging in La Graciosa, Lanzarote

Free Accommodation in Orzola

The icing on the cake when booking a fishing charter with Capt. Berto might just be the amazing offer, he shares off the water. Berto owns a small 3-person apartment in Orzola, right next to the port. It’s located in a very tranquil area close to a couple of small local bars, popular restaurants and a few shops. Any client who opts to book 3 full days or more, will get the accommodation for free. The apartment is just next to Berto’s home, so he will pick you up every morning to go fishing. This is a great way to save some money on your accommodation, take the need for any transport costs out and ensure you have multiple days of amazing fishing in Lanzarote.

As we stated above there is not really a bad time to visit the area and fish. The main things you need to consider are the species you wish to target.