Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is becoming a largely popular sport in the fishing industry. It is largely because the bass species are renowned for being such tough fighters for an angler. There are now many competitions for pro anglers to compete in as well. 

Bass Fishing

Equipment required for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is done by using normal fishing gear tailored to the application. A new spinning rod will work perfectly for your fishing pole with a matching reel. 

For bait, you can use soft plastics, spinnerbaits or even jigs if the conditions suit.

Species to target when Bass Fishing

There are many different species of bass. Some are even regarded as gamefish in some areas of the world. Some of the common species include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass or Kentucky bass and Guadalupe bass.

Best Places to try Bass Fishing

You can find bass in many freshwater areas with places such as streams, lakes, rivers and dams being the most productive. 

While bass fishing started in the United States where it is still very common, it is also popular in Australia, Europe and Asia now.

Best Bass Fishing Fishing Charters

GO Fishing Adventure Portugal fishing Charter captain Vitor  avatar

GO Fishing Adventure

8 29,20 ft

Sesimbra, Portugal (PT)

From 120,00
North Shore Sea Tours Azores fishing Charter captain Pedro Pacheco avatar

North Shore Sea Tours

4 18,00 ft

Porto Formoso, Azores (PT)

From 75,00
Blue Beach Murcia fishing Charter captain José ortega iniesta avatar

Blue Beach

8 36,09 ft

Puerto Tomás Maestre, Murcia (ES)

From 510,00
Wild Fishing Portugal Portugal fishing Charter captain Russell Hoad avatar

Wild Fishing Portugal

2 10,00 ft

Corte Cobres, Portugal (PT)

From 240,00
SANTA CRUZ II Murcia fishing Charter captain PETER TORTUGA avatar


11 37,73 ft

Puerto Tomás Maestre, Murcia (ES)

From 495,00
X Predator Lodge Orellana fishing

X Predator Lodge

3 17,50 ft

Orellana, Spain (ES)

From 2.000,00
Galaxia Azores fishing Charter captain Eduardo Lopes avatar


10 34,45 ft

Ponta Delgada, Azores (PT)

From 400,00
Frontino Azores fishing Charter captain Diogo Paiva avatar


4 24,61 ft

Vila Franca do Campo Marina, Azores (PT)

From 300,00
Peor es Na'  fishing

Peor es Na'

3 18,00 ft

Puerto Mutis, (PA)

From 258,38
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