Types of Fishing Reels. The 8 Most Used by Anglers.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the different types of fishing reels available. Spincast, Baitcasting, Spinning, Surf Fishing, Offshore, Conventional/Trolling, Fly Fishing, and Centerpin Reels are the most popular kinds of fishing reels chosen by anglers. When deciding which fishing reel is right for you, keep in mind what you are fishing for, your skill level as an angler, and your budget. With so many wonderful fishing reel options out there, you will surely find the perfect fit for your fishing goals.

Read on to discover more details about the most popular fishing reels on the market.

Spin fishing reel

Spin fishing reel has the drag on top

Spincast Reels

A basic reel available, spincast reels have a simple design and are perfect for beginners or anglers with limited funds. Spincast fishing reels feature a cone-shaped metal covering the actual reel with a button that regulates whether the spool is free or locked into place. In addition, spincast reels have a “drag” feature located close to the reel’s handle or somewhere along the reel, which allows the angler to change the amount of resistance a fish can feel. An inexpensive option that is best for beginner anglers.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels are typically reserved for the pros and more experienced anglers that are fishing for the big game fish for many reasons. One of the most powerful fishing reels on the market has an advanced reel design and more precise casting options. Two words come to mind when discussing baitcasting reels: power and precision. This fishing reel will take your fishing game to the next level…without a doubt. This reel rests on top of the fishing rod handle rather than on the bottom. While these fishing reels are on the expensive side, they are popular for anglers trying to catch big fish and can be customizable for a price.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are one of the most popular kinds of fishing reels among anglers. When casting spinning reels, the fishing line is projected spinning through the air. It can be slightly more complicated to master, but it is a more durable fishing reel overall. Many experienced anglers have multiple fishing rods and this is usually one of them. Spinning reels are an open reel design with a drag feature placed on the top. The spinning reels are found on the bottom of the rod making a more natural feel for holding the rod. Casting can be a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, be prepared to be impressed with the casting distances that can be reached.

Surf Fishing Reels

When adding to your fishing reel collection, at least one surf fishing reel should be included. It is good for fishing in inclement weather and extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. A durable choice for any fishing pro.

Offshore Reels

Offshore reels are dependent on what you are attempting to catch. However, these rods and reels must be prepared to catch anything in the wide-open ocean when your deep sea fishing. With so many fish in the sea, a good angler is prepared for anything. Offshore reels are categorized in different weight classifications so choose wisely.

Conventional/Trolling Reels

Belonging on an offshore fishing boat, these conventional or trolling reels are for the extraordinarily large fish of the ocean. These strong fishing reels can withstand over a thousand pounds of sea creatures fighting back. There are many different choices and customizations available for these deep-sea/offshore fishing trips. These reels are the ones fishing charters use when tuna fishing or marlin fishing for example.

Conventional Fishing reels

Conventional Fishing reels

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly Fishing is a peaceful way to catch fish. The fly fishing process is divinely simple: beautifully colorful, hand-crafted flies, line, reel, and a fly rod are all you need to enjoy this relaxing pastime. Decide whether your fly fishing journey will happen in fresh or saltwater and what kind of conditions are possible, then choose your fishing reel accordingly. These fishing reels vary in prices and size so particular details do matter. Explore the different options between the classic Click Pawl Fly Reel and a high-performance Large Arbor Fly Reel.

Fly fishing reel

Fly fishing reel

Centerpin Reels

Centerpin reels are known by anglers as the ultimate float fishing reels and are often compared to fly fishing reels, but are noticeably larger in size with a similar simplistic design. Providing a long floating cast option similar to a spinning reel, centerpin reels allow for impeccable free-spooling drifts. Customizable options are available for anglers to choose to have a drag system or not.

In conclusion, a professional angler will have several of every kind of fishing reel on the market, including Spincast, Baitcasting, Spinning, Surf Fishing, Offshore, Conventional/Trolling, Fly Fishing, and Centerpin Reels, which are the most popular kinds of fishing reels chosen by anglers. Remember to start with the basics and grow with your fishing experience levels. Happy Fishing!