Fishing in Valencia: All You Need to Know

Fishing in Valencia is incredibly diverse and sought-after by ardent anglers of the world. While many anglers prefer the thrill of catching trophy fish, there are equally as many that enjoy a relaxing, quiet fishing adventure. The Valencia atmosphere is just that, the perfect fishing environment. Valencia is a port city in Spain surrounded by saltwater, where the big fish swim, and freshwater lakes and rivers for a more relaxing fishing experience.

Nearby islands surrounded by reefs like the Balearic and Canary Islands are big fishes favorite destinations. From deep sea fishing to shorecasting, this area of Spain is also a popular fly fishing destination. The best of both fishing worlds for salt and freshwater anglers exists in Valencia, Spain. Not to mention, Spain has some of the most beautiful landscapes with beaches like Playa de la Malvarrosa and Platja del Saler to enjoy. Additionally, the close proximity to the Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca and Ibiza, is just another reason to visit Valencia, Spain.

The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

One question…what are you waiting for? Valencia is a must-fish destination for all anglers!

The species that can be fished in Valencia range from sea bream, dentex, bluefish and leerfish near the coast, to bluefin tuna and swordfish offshore. Depending on the season, Valencian fishermen and their visitors adapt their fishing techniques. You could spend a lifetime in Valencia and never get bored.

Favorite Fishing Spots for Anglers in Valencia

Besides the encompassing Balearic Islands, and deep sea fishing scene, the inland fishing spots are equally as popular as those saltwater fishing spots. With 14 man-made lakes to chose from and the countless rivers that flow through the area, the possibilities for both fresh and saltwater fish species are exceptional. Rock fishing, deep sea fishing, pier fishing, deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, and fly fishing are just a cast away in Valencia, Spain.

Fishing in Gandia

Located less than an hour drive south of Valencia, Gandia is the perfect port to start your fishing trip. The port is home to one of the best fishing guides in the Valencia Province: Paco from Mala Espina Fishing Charters. He’s they guide who you’d have to book if you want to maximise your chances. He’s great at dentex fishing and also a very very skilled tuna fisherman.

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Mega Dentex caught south of Valencia

Mega Dentex caught south of Valencia with Mala Espina Fishing Charters

Puerto de Valencia

The port city of Valencia lies along the southeastern coast of Spain. From the freshwater rivers and lakes to the salty Mediterranean Sea, Valencia offers some of the best fishing available to anglers.

Ebro River

The Ebro is the second largest river found in the Iberian Peninsula. Flowing for 578 miles through Spain, the Ebro River finally unites with a large delta between Valencia and Barcelona before meeting the Mediterranean Sea. The Ebro River is the Mecca for carp fishing and catfish fishing.

Matarranya River

Freshwater fish are abundant in this river of Spain that flows from south to north ending with the Ebro River.


This town within the province of Zaragoza in Aragon, Spain is located near the Segre River and Ebro River between the Mequinenza Dam and Riba-Roja Reservoir. Mequinenza is a great destination for sander fishing, catfish fishing, black bass fishing and carp fishing.


A desired freshwater fishing destination, man-made lakes like the Confrentes Reservoir and rivers running through canyons like the Jucar River make this Valencia location an in-demand fishing destination for anglers.

Top Fishing Charters in Valencia


Freshwater Fish Species

With 14 massive man-made lakes in the area, Valencia creates the perfect setting for a variety of fish species to thrive. Freshwater fish species include Carp, Catfish, Trout, Salmon, Black Bass, Eels, Barbel, Pike, Pumpkinseed Fish, Madrilla, Bleak, Zander, and Tench. An abundance of rivers and government restrictions on power boats makes fishing in Valencia a beautiful, natural environment for anglers to enjoy.

Saltwater Fish Species

Big Fish of the Mediterranean includes Mahi Mahi, Bluefin Tuna, Grouper, Swordfish, and Dentex to name a few. In fact, Valencia is more and more known for being one of the best places for tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for action, charter a boat to fulfil your deep sea fishing dreams with one the fishing charters. The waters off the coast of Valencia will not disappoint!

Medium sized grouper

Even a Medium sized grouper is a great catch!

In the Mediterranean, prevalent sought-after species like Billfish, Marlin, and Swordfish have flourished in the extraordinary turquoise waters that surround Spain. Inland fishing in this province is incredibly diverse as well. The fresh and saltwater fishing will leave the enthusiastic angler so satisfied that they might just stay.

Final Thoughts about Fishing in Valencia

The opportunities to explore such a variety of fish species in both salt and freshwater environments is a truly unique experience for those dedicated anglers. Valencia offers a plethora of fishing options in addition to the diverse abundance of fish species. From fly fishing, rock fishing, deep sea fishing, Valencia is a well versatile fishing atmosphere for the avid angler. The regulations to limit power boats sets the tone for a laid-back, relaxing fishing experience inland from the port of Valencia. However, if action is what you seek, the Mediterranean is a game fish mecca.

If you are a passionate angler that lives to fish for a myriad of species in different locations with unique fishing techniques, you should most definitely add fishing in Valencia to your bucket list!