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Puerto Mutis, Panama

4/5 Super
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Mutis (Mutis Port) is a gateway for Gulf of Montijo at less than 30 minutes from the Santiago city in Veraguas or 4 hours from Panama City. This magnificent natural harbour offers over 100 kilometers of winding waterways to explore with all of this surrounded by lush greenery about 894.52 km2 (89,452 hect) of RAMSAR mangrove forests (Wetlands of International Importance) is one of the worlds most exuberant, diverse and productive ecosystems.
Imagine fishing in this pristine environment where up to a dozen species can be pulled from the one snag. Sound tempting?.
Daily tours operate throughout this extensive mangrove lined estuary system which is home to a great diversity of species including the famous mangrove red snapper and other varieties, yellow croaker or yellow seabass, different varieties of grouper, 3 types of snook the great fighter, and the king of all, the majestic tarpon. In all over 160 species of fish can be regularly caught in this magnificent waterway.
Its most important tributaries are San Pablo, Río de Jesús, San Pedro, Caté, San Andrés, Covíbora, Ponuga y Suay, among many others.

It is also a fish nursery, where many juvenile fish including reef species will spend a few months of their early lives protecting among the mangrove roots of their natural predators and gorging themselves on the abundant bait fish and prawns.

Spend a full 8 hours jigging, casting and trolling, targeting in this brackish waters are the perfect setting for an early break and look for the best catch.

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Lengte: 5,49 m
Motor: Susuky 140hp
Jaar: 1992 - Gerestaureerd: 2014
Personen: 3
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Lid sinds: 2019
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