Vissen in Funchal met Sea Fox 236 Madeira Sea Fishing

Sea Fox 236 Madeira Sea Fishing

7,19 m
225hp Mercury 4stoke
2014 - Gerestaureerd: 2020

Nuno Gouveia

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Based out of Funchal in Portugal, Madeira Sea Fishing welcomes you to join them for an angling adventure you won't forget! You'll be casting your line in the rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where the only thing bigger than the game fishing opportunities on offer are the fish themselves. 

Madeira Sea Fishing charters works alongside FishTrackers.Tours, who team up a variety of local charters with guests who are interested in casting a line. On Madeira Sea Fishing, you'll be joined by experienced and local angler Captain Nuno. He's been fishing these waters for all of his life, and has the know-how to have you chasing the species of your dreams!

Capt. Nuno and his crew specialize in live bait fishing trips, which will see you heading offshore to target world-famous fish such as Amberjack, Dentex, Wahoo, and Grouper species. You'll be exploring the waters between Funchal Port to Ponta do Pargo Bay, covering around 10 nautical miles. 

Each trip takes place aboard Capt. Nuno's 23' SeaFox vessel, an offshore fishing favorite! She can accommodate up to 4 guests, and children ages 8 and above are welcome on board. Why not make this a family trip to remember? In addition, your vessel is decked out with top-quality navigational and safety gear, as well as a cooler.

Capt. Nuno will make sure you're provided with top-quality fishing gear, as well as live bait, of course. You don't need a fishing license to cast a line in these waters, so don't worry about purchasing one.

You'll be treated to local-style snacks and a variety of beverages during your trip, but feel free to bring anything else you'd like. All that's left is to come aboard Madeira Sea Fishing charters and discover what these incredible waters have to offer!

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Nuno Gouveia

Engels, Spaans, Portugees
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We created Fishing Crete Charters because we are passionate about fishing, the sea, and our island. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to discover unseen beauties, enjoy fishing in the open sea, and create some unforgettable memories. We ensure the boats are always in perfect condition to accommodate your adventure and make your holiday dreams come true. For more than 30 years, we own, rent boats, yachts, and organize leisure and fishing experiences.

The Greek islands are ideal for fishing and exploration, offering fantastic scenery and a unique natural environment. Here you can charter a fishing boat or yacht and visit wonderful destinations. There are numerous itinerary options between the Greek islands, and our goal is to make this the best day of your vacation. We will work with you to fulfil all your wants and desires the best we can.

We offer a wide-ranging selection of charters to choose from according to your requirements, lasting from a few hours to a full day. Our crew has extensive experience in professional skipping and fishing in open waters. We ensure you get the best service, and we go out of our way to ensure you have the time of your life in Greece.

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