Trolling is a fishing technique where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or natural bait, are drawn behind a moving boat. Trolling can be done both in-shore and off-shore. The trolling speed depends on the type of bait and the fish species. Where tuna and marlin like a speed of 6 to 10 knots, other species such as dentex or seabass should be targeted with a trolling speed of 3-4 knots maximum.


Equipment required for Trolling

A well-produced rod and reel with an adequate strength of fishing line are required for this technique. You will also need to in a moving object such as a boat, canoe or kayak.

You can use a variety of different styled lures (spinnerbaits, soft-plastics, metal lures) or even fresh bait to troll behind you.

Species to target when Trolling

You can target a variety of different fish species using the trolling technique and it is arguably one of the most used forms of fishing in the world.

Species such as trout, salmon, tuna, marlin, sailfish, barracuda and Spanish mackerel can be regularly caught.

Best Places to try Trolling

As this is a popular fishing technique used around the world it is another style that can be used in a variety of areas around the world. 

You can use the trolling method in saltwater and freshwater.

Best Trolling Fishing Charters

Africa Puerto de Santa María fishing
5 30,51 ft

Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz (ES)

From 450,00
Si Pronto Zanzibar fishing
Si Pronto
4 19,69 ft

Kendwa, Zanzibar (TZ)

From 251,98
Lluna1 Blanes fishing
4 19,69 ft

Blanes, Costa Brava (ES)

From 450,00
Reel Therapy Port Douglas fishing Charter captain Syd McMonnies avatar
Reel Therapy
6 20,01 ft

Port Douglas, Cairns (AUS)

From 74,19
Aqua Adventure I Panama fishing
Aqua Adventure I
4 32,81 ft

Panama, Panama (PA)

From 1.679,87
Champagne Girl La Romana fishing
Champagne Girl
12 39,00 ft

La Romana, Dominican Republic (DO)

From 894,53
QuickSilver 675 Activ Palamos fishing
QuickSilver 675 Activ
5 19,69 ft

Palamos, Costa Brava (ES)

From 600,00
Tailchaser Cabo San Lucas fishing
8 36,00 ft

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur (MX)

From 621,55
Panama Bay Tours I Panama fishing
Panama Bay Tours I
4 29,53 ft

Panama, Panama (PA)

From 251,98
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