Squid Fishing

Squid fishing is a style that has been adapted to target these tricky saltwater animals. You will be using a technique almost the same as the normal spin fishing technique.

Casting out and slowly retrieving the squid jig with different speeds and retrieval styles.

Squid Fishing

Equipment required for Squid Fishing

For this fishing, you will just need to use a basic spinning rod that is built well for repeat casting efforts. Pair this with a standard spinning rod and line and you are ready to target squid.

The major difference between squid fishing compared to any other is the use of the specially manufactured squid jig lure. This is essential to targetting squid.

Best Places to try Squid Fishing

All over the world, you can find someone on the pier fishing for squid, from Japan to Italy.

Both New Zealand and Australia had a big increase in squid fishing, due to the Asians migrating to these areas and bringing this technique with them.

Best Squid Fishing Fishing Charters


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Cabrera, Dominican Republic (DO)

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La Línea de la Concepción, Strait of Gibraltar (ES)

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Cartagena, Murcia (ES)

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Pollença, Mallorca (ES)

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Amador, (PA)

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Marlyn Alley

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Fajardo, (PtoR)

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World Cat 32

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Zihuatanejo, Mexico (MX)

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Wahoo 1

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San Sebastián, Spain (ES)

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San Remo

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Flores, Azores (PT)

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