Live bait fishing

Live bait fishing is a style that is used to target large fish species by using smaller "live" fish species as natural bait. You will let the bait swim naturally to attract predator fish that might be in the area you are fishing.

Live bait fishing

Equipment required for Live bait fishing

For this style of fishing, you can either use a standard fishing reel or the overhead variety. This along with a strong rod that is not required to be overly long will do the job perfectly. 

You will then need to have a strong and reliable hook and in some cases a wire trace depending on the fish species you are targetting.

Species to target when Live bait fishing

Common fish species to target using the live bait fishing technique are kingfish, large snapper, barracuda and many more. Since this is a more natural way of fishing in some sense, the fish species that can be caught are quite varied. 

Best Places to try Live bait fishing

This is another of the fishing techniques that can be used throughout a wide variety of different locations around the world. There is no real right or wrong area to try this style of fishing but it is mainly used in the sea and ocean chasing large predator fish species.

Best Live bait fishing Fishing Charters


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Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura (ES)

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Puerto Banus, Marbella (ES)

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Trevally Fish Fighters

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