Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a unique style of fishing compared to most other forms available. In the past, it was a technique that was used solely for freshwater fishing but that has changed and it is now possible it saltwater as well. 

The casting style used to present a fly is much different from any other form of fishing.

Fly fishing

Equipment required for Fly fishing

A specialised rod that has great flexibility is required to produce the whipping action needed for this style of fishing. This rod is paired with another unique reel and fishing line.

Often a fly fisherman will begin to tie their own fly creations to use as bait or it is possible to buy them premade. 

Species to target when Fly fishing

This form of fishing first begun as a way to target freshwater species such as trout but it is now possible to target much larger species in both freshwater and saltwater.

Species such as yellowtail kingfish, black bass, salmon and even game fish species tuna and sailfish can be caught with this technique.

Best Places to try Fly fishing

As mentioned above this is now a fishing technique that can be fished in both fresh and saltwater areas.

It is a popular technique when there is little or no wind so sheltered areas are ideal. Australia, Europe and The United States all have many fishermen using this style.

Best Fly fishing Fishing Charters

Wild Lady Quepos fishing

Wild Lady

4 32,81 ft

Quepos, Quepos (C.R.)

From 884,20
Renatalia San José del Cabo fishing


5 37,89 ft

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur (MX)

From 331,57
Mare Nostrum I Azores fishing

Mare Nostrum I

4 19,69 ft

Ponta Delgada, Azores (PT)

From 395,00
Muda Hunter Maldives fishing Charter captain Mohammed Nasser avatar

Muda Hunter

4 30,00 ft

Meemu Atoll, Maldives ()

From 530,52
Katai  fishing Charter captain Rudy Aravena avatar


4 43,00 ft

Robinson Crusoe Island, (CHL)

From 2.820,59
Keen-M Isla Mujeres fishing Charter captain Anthony Mendillo Jr. avatar


4 41,00 ft

Isla Mujeres, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 663,15
Andes FlyCast  fishing

Andes FlyCast

4 0,00 ft

Santiago, (CHL)

From 583,57
Dora Puerto Vallarta fishing


4 39,37 ft

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (MX)

From 530,52
Perla Puerto Aventuras fishing


6 29,53 ft

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya (MX)

From 397,89
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