Carp Fishing

Carp fishing can be said to attract and special and dedicated group of fishing lovers. The sole aim is to target this one fish species and release the fish unharmed. Carp fishing is done mainly on the bottom of the water where the carp mainly feed.

Carp Fishing

Equipment required for Carp Fishing

The fishing equipment required to target carp can be a little different to standard techniques. While the rod, reel and line are relatively similar it is the bait and extra gear that changes.

Common baits to use include worms, chickpeas, corn or a homemade bait made from dough and flavouring. 

Carp Fishing Tackle

Carp anglers sleep in their bivvy on their stretcher, they have a rodpod for their rods (usually 2 to 4 rods). They have specialized carp fishing landing nets, unhooking mat, weighsling, carp cradle, special desinfectant for hookwoonds in the carp's mouth.

For ground baiting, they use a boat with fish finder and sounder or a remote controlled baitboat to drop off the hooklinks and for groundbaiting with pellets, boilies, particles, etc.

You’ll want to outfit your rod and reel with medium tackle. Carp can be caught fishing with a float, but most carp anglers fish with a weight on the bottom and a carp rig: simple hair rig, pop-up rig, chod-rig, hinged stiff rig, helicopter rig, KD rig, etc.

Many anglers also use a tripod or rodpod to hold their rods in the perfect position.

Species to target when Carp Fishing

This technique is used to target carp species and carp species only. There are some different styles of carp which include silver carp, common carp, mirror carp and grass carp.

Best Places to try Carp Fishing

Originally from Asia these days carp have been introduced to many different waterways across Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.

They are found in freshwater lakes, rivers and dams.

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