Fishing in St. Augustine


St. Augustine fishing in the ancient city of assaulted treasures. Founded in 1565 by the European Conquistador, St Augustine is the oldest European town in t...

St. Augustine fishing in the ancient city of assaulted treasures. Founded in 1565 by the European Conquistador, St Augustine is the oldest European town in the USA. Home to some of the most exciting fish species, St. Augustine fishing offers great action for everyone.

St. Augustine's offshore fishing is known for monster Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi. The main attraction fishing over reefs and wrecks are Redfish and Grouper.

Located right on the Intracoastal waterway, inshore fishing in St. Augustine will produce Redfish, Flounder, Trout and the powerful Tarpon.

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St. Augustin offers inshore fishing, wreck and reef fishing, offshore fishing and also great freshwaters fishing. These types of fishing await you.

Flats and inshore fishing in St. Augustine

Ready to test your angling skills against those shy and reclusive shallow-water fishes? Then allow our experienced charters to guide you all the way! These experienced fishing professionals are here to lead you to the best spots to find tarpon, redfish, snook, and more. You can also do sight fishing with your loved ones to go cobia fishing.

Wreck & Reef fishing in St. Augustine

Saint Augustine shares in Florida’s over 6000 reefs brimming with exotic marine life, with exciting fish species such as the delicious Red Snapper, huge Groupers and Nurse Sharks. So much wonder awaits you and your bold adventurers!

Offshore fishing in the Gulf Stream

Many pelagic fish species travel along the Florida coast in the warm Gulf Stream, making it one of the best offshore fishing destinations. You can always find Sharks, Swordfish, Kingfish, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin, and Blackfin Tuna.

Freshwater fishing

Saint Augustine freshwater fishing means bass fishing. Fish for largemouth bass, Crappie and other fresh water species in the St. Johns River, Lake George and the Rodman Reservoir for example.

Top sport fishing species in St. Augustine


January - With bright skies and clear water, this is an amazing time in Saint Augustine to go sight fishing with friends and loved ones. Fish for Redfish, Black Drum and other inshore species.

February - sight fishing for Redfish and Black Drum. Offshore there's wahoo and tuna. 

March - The waters start to heat up in Saint Augustine as spring kicks in. Now there's speckled trout, jack crevalle and the first Cobia start to appear.

April - Offshore fishing is good now with lots of big Mahi being caught. Inshore there's Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Drum, Redfish.

May - The rainy season starts and also the best offshore fishing in Florida. The NEFMA Summer Shootout Tournament takes place this month.

June - Blue Marlin arrive with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Inshore you can fish for Tarpon and they will stay in the St. Augustine waters through September.

July - Tropical thunderstorms are possible, but the fishing is great both in and offshore.

August - Hot, hot, hot... so you better fish early morning or late afternoon. There's Sailfish, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle to Barracuda.

September - The rainy season is at its peak. And so is Sailfish fishing. Enjoy some fabulous inshore fishing too.

October - The weather gets cooler. Inshore there's Redfish and Trout. 

November - Cooler waters bring in Wahoo. Fishing over the reefs is still good for Red Snapper and Grouper.

December - the skies are clear. Anglers concentrate on sight fishing for black drum and redfish. Offshore wahoo and blackfin tuna will chase your lures.



There are a lot of fun activities to experience and places to visit after a good game in the close and open water. Here's just a short list of fun things that await you in Saint Augustine.

1.    Explore Castillo de San Marcos Fort Green – Have some fun with the kids in this amazing destination. There are a lot of kite flying, plays, and other fun stuff waiting for you and your loved ones!
2.    Lightner Museum – if you are a lover of 19th-century art or art in general, this amazing place is a worthy treasure to unearth!
3.    Alligator Zoological Park – If you are an animal lover, then you’re in luck! St. Augustine alligator park is virtually the only existing park with all living species of the crocodile family. There are so many to check out, from American natives to Egyptian natives and Australian natives!
4.    Believe it or not, Museum – want to be thrilled, shocked, and amused at the same time? Then you don’t want to miss a trip to the St. Augustine Museum of the strange and unusual. 5.    San Sabastian Winery – Don’t miss out on an opportunity to taste one of St. Augustines best wine productions for free!


All residents and visitors must possess freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license to go fishing in St. Augustine. However, licenses are covered if you go fishing with a licensed fishing charter in St. Augustine.

Bag Limits

In order to protect the local fish stocks, the State of Florida has strict rules on bag limits. For each species there are minimum sizes and daily recreation bag limits. Check the rules before you drop a line in the water in St. Augustine.



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