Fishing with Ivan on the Bona Pisca Fishing Club

Bona Pisca Fishing Club

La Caletta

23,95 ft
250 HP Mercury

Ivan Scanu

Welcome aboard Bona Pisca Fishing Club, where your angling adventure is tailored to your preferences and the season's best techniques. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure each excursion is a thrilling and fruitful experience.

Choose from a variety of fishing techniques suited to the conditions and your desired catch. Whether you're chasing the elusive tuna or aiming for the prized snapper, we've got you covered. Here are some of the possibilities:

  1. Live Bait Trolling: Engage in the art of enticing predators with live bait while cruising the pristine waters of the Gulf of Asinara. Main species are dentex, snapper, amberjack...

  2. Vertical Jigging: Master the art of precision and finesse as you drop your jig deep to entice bottom-dwelling species like dentex, snapper, seabream, scorpion fish, amberjack and grouper.

  3. Drifting: Let the currents guide your adventure as you drift along. Using sardines you attract bluefin tuna, little tunny and sometimes also mahi mahi.

  4. Bottom Fishing, Light Drifting: Explore the depths and target a variety of bottom-dwelling species with finesse and skill.

  5. Live Kab: Experience the thrill of live bait fishing, a technique beloved by seasoned anglers for its effectiveness in enticing even the most elusive of catches.

Our vessel, boasting a length of 7.30 meters and powered by a reliable 250 HP Mercury engine, comfortably accommodates up to four anglers. 

Join us at Bona Pisca Fishing Club for an unparalleled fishing experience in the waters of Sardinia.

The service includes

  • Fishing tackle
  • Fishing License
  • Bait & lures
  • Gas / Petrol included

General policies

  • Child Friendly
  • You Keep Catch
  • Catch & Release allowed

Cancellation policy

  • Deposit non-refundable

Payment method:

15.00 % deposit paid on to block the boat, balance due directly to the captain:
  • Cash

Location of the charter La Caletta:

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Ivan Scanu


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