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On the mountainous northern coast of the Dominican Republic, nestled between Monte Isabel de Torres and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the region and town of Puerto Plata. F...

On the mountainous northern coast of the Dominican Republic, nestled between Monte Isabel de Torres and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the region and town of Puerto Plata. Fishing in Puerto Plata is just as exciting as in other parts of the Dominican Republic. Its proximity to the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest in the Atlantic, provides easy access to many pelagic species of game fish — blue and white marlin, dorado, tuna, wahoo, and sailfish.

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Fantastic Day. Caught a Kingfish and a Barracuda and saw 2 sightings of whales.
Tedd Tobey

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Five minutes out of the marina is “the drop” and fishing lines are out practically from the moment you leave the dock. The trench has precipices, or “banks,” that rise from the bottom and attract feeding schools of dolphin and tuna. It’s common to find these schools and fish off them all day long. In addition, local sport fishermen set out FADs (fish aggregating devices) up and down the North Shore in very deep water to attract bait fish and their larger predators. Due to the ever-present trade winds, be prepared for a bouncy ride when fishing off the North Shore.

The Puerto Plata area has lots of beaches, among them Playa Dorada. Shore fishing is found all along the coastline, but anglers must show caution as rip tides are frequent, as are coral bottoms and sinkholes. Other inshore fishing includes lagoon fishing, notably nearby Laguna Gri-Gri, and fishing in the rivers that are easily accessed via the different bays along the North Shore. Anglers venture up the rivers to find large snook and tarpon.

Top sport fishing species in Puerto Plata


For most travelers best time to visit Puerto Plata is the dry season, which runs from December to April. This is when the weather is most settled. The wet season, which is hotter and more humid, runs from May to November.

Puerto Plata Fishing Calendar

During dry season, you’ll be able to fish for dorado, tuna, wahoo, bonito and sailfish. For example, the best wahoo bite is in January and February. Also barracuda, amberjack and king mackerel are possible this time of the year.

Mahi Mahi (Dorado): November – March is peak season, but you can catch Mahi all year round.
Blue Marlin: July – September
White Marlin: May, June, July
Wahoo: October – December is peak season, but you can hook wahoo in Puerto Plata all year round.
Sailfish: November – February
Yellowfin Tuna: January – June

The following fish can be found year-round:
Snapper, grouper, jack, mackerel, kingfish, swordfish, tarpons, permit, bonefish, and shark.


The local beach of choice is Playa Dorada, with plenty of sunbathing and beach activities to spend the day. Further east you’ll find Cabarete which is a world famous windsurfing and kitesurfing destination. Fewer tourists can be found on the beaches further west of Puerto Plata at Cofresí. Puerta Plata is close to Mount Isabel de Torres, the tall mountain peak south of the town. There is a cable car that will take you to the top for stunning vistas. Another thrilling sight not to be missed is the “27 Waterfalls” at Damajaqua Cascades.

Notable touristic sites include Fort San Felipe, the Amber Museum, and Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina, and Casino. Golf aficionados can get their fix at Playa Dorada Golf Course, Los Mangos, and VH Victoria Resort. Last but not least, humpback whales migrate to the warm tropical waters off of the North Shore from January to March, so check out the many options for whale watching tours from Puerto Plata to see these giants up close.


Fishing in the Dominican Republic is lightly regulated. Although technically fishing licenses are required, fishing regulations are rarely enforced, therefore it is difficult to find places that sell fishing licenses to even buy one. The one rule that is enforced is the catch and release of billfish species.

Key takeaways

Avg Capacity: 9 people
Popular fishing techniques: Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing, Trolling
Average price: $595 per day
Low season price: $600 per day
High season price: $1200 per day
Included: Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures

Frequently asked questions about fishing in Puerto Plata

According to our customers, some of the most popular fishing charters in Puerto Plata are:
High Zs Fishing Tours
High Z's I

Depending on the boat, a fishing charter in Puerto Plata can accommodate up to 10 passangers, although most charters are for 9 people.

Typically in a charter in Puerto Plata, a fishing boat charter will include the use of the boat, Fishing tackle, Fishing License, Bait & lures. Some charters may also include Snacks and Drinks, while others may allow you to bring your own.

The cost of a fishing charter in Puerto Plata can vary depending on the duration of the trip and the size of the boat (number of people in your group), the fishing technique or the fish species you want to target. Prices can range from $400 for 4 hours and 10 people to $1200 for 8 hours and 10 people.

The types of fish you can catch on a fishing charter in Puerto Plata will depend on the time of year. Some common fish species that can be caught in Puerto Plata include: Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda.

In Puerto Plata you can do a variety of fishing methods including Bottom Fishing, Tuna fishing, Trolling, Marlin fishing, Popping, Deep sea fishing. Regulations and restrictions vary depending on the species.



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