Pike fishing

Pike (Esox) are a fresh water predator found in the Northern Hemisphere. Several subspecies are distributed in Canada, North America, Europe and Asia.

Pike can grow up to 1,5m (59 inch) and weigh over 25kg (55lbs). They have a long greenish body with yellow spots. On their head and the jaw pike have several sensory pores. Their enormous mouth has sharp, backward-pointing teeth.

Trolling anglers use artificial lures, live bait or dead bait. Spinfishing with jerkbaits or swimmmerbaits, lare spinners, such as Mepps, Laxman and Piker, is another exciting way to catch pike. Fly fishing for pike is great to fish in shallow areas where other lures would get stuck easily. Streamers and pike flies (large Deceivers for example) can be retreived very slowly, especially when the waters get colder. 

Pike use to "hide" under overhanging trees, close to the reeds or near posts, edges and underwater rocks for example. From their stationary position they attack all kind of prey fish such as smaller carp, roach or tench. They also feed on frogs and small birds.

Pike fishing

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Best Pike Fishing Charters


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Tracker Targa

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Trosa Fiske

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X Predator Lodge

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Buster XL

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Silver Eagle

Stockholm, Sweden (SWE)

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