Ling fishing

The ling (Molva molva) is a common fish from the North Atlantic one of the largest cod-like fish. They are a popular species caught around the British Isles, Norway, Island, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Ling can grow up to 2 meters (7ft) long and weigh 40 kg (90lb).

Best Ling Fishing Charters

Saga  fishing


12 40,00 ft

Reykjavik, (ICE)

From 99,47
Molly'O Ireland fishing Charter captain Rory  avatar


12 42,65 ft

Dingle, Ireland (IE)

From 400,00
Maighdean Mara Ireland fishing

Maighdean Mara

12 42,65 ft

Galway, Ireland (IE)

From 45,00
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