Cobia fishing

The cobia (Rachycentron canadum) is distributed in warm-temperate to tropical seas. The species can be found in the West and East Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. The pacific coasts of Japan and Australia are also cobia territory.

It is easily recognized by its flattened head and its dark brown body. It feeds primarily on crabs, squid, and fish. The cobia can grow to up to 2 m (78 in) long and weigh up to 78 kg (172 lb). Cobia is a good eating fish; it has a mild, sweet taste to it.

For cobia fishing you need proper fishing tackle because this is a powerful fighter. Known for their long runs, they'll try to swim towards structures and obstacles to brake the line.

Cobia fishing

Top Cobia Fishing destinations

The cobia can be found in the West and East Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

South Florida is a great cobia fishing destination, where you'll find this species year-round.

How to fish for Cobia

Cobia fishing is different to other techniques because anglers fish on sight. They use to swim at the surface near the coast.

Most of the time they will be close to sting ray, sea turtles, bull sharks, etc. Anglers spot cobia and then start fishing chumming or with live bait.

The most exciting way to catch these predators is sight casting using a bucktail or a live eel. Make sure you don't get too close to the cobia because you can spook the fish. Try to catch them throwing the jig or the live bait 10-15 feet in front of the fish. Cobia up to 150 pounds have been caught in these waters.

Cobia often gather around reefs, wrecks, and buoys. Good fishing spots are river mouths, reefs and edges.

Good to eat Cobia

Cobia is a good eating fish. It has a mild, sweet taste to it. Its meat hast a soft texture. Because of its high oil content, the flesh stays succulent and moist no matter how you prepare it. High in protein and rich in Omega-3, this fish can be prepared fried, cooked in the oven, sushi, sashimi...

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