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My girlfriend and I both love to fish and Toms Catch was an amazing experience for us! We did the 4-hour trip. It took about 30-40 min to get out into the ocean where our captain thought we’d begin catching fish. We were hoping for tuna but we heard it was more likely we’d catch either mahi mahi, barracuda or wahoo, and that was fine with us too. After getting out into the ocean, our captain found a spot to circle around. After about 20 min without a hookup, our captain studied the ocean, especially the currents and then set off in a different direction after spotting flocks of diving birds (albatross, I think). Then for the next 40 min, we hooked one after another, landing 4 beautiful tuna. Most were between 20-25lbs! We were exhausted but exhilarated at the same time! That evening the Japanese restaurant cooked our catch for us. My girlfriend and I relived that experience over and over for the remainder of our trip. One of the BEST fishing charters ever, and even better was that Tom’s Catch was one of the most reasonably priced of all!
Paul Borgese

We catch nice Tuna's , grouper and baracuda. Great trip and a good captain Pincho.
Nick van Dongen

Good fishing and Paul and George were great!
Jonathan Alcalay

Super Tour, super Boot, super Mannschaft. Jederzeit wieder …. Und dann ziehen wir den 100kg Riesen- Tuna den wir am Haken hatten auch ins Boot.
Matthias Schenck

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