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Why Tom's Catch?

Confidence & Security

When you book a trip via Tom's Catch, you pay through the safe page of REDSYS. Captains and guides receive payment through tom's Catch 24 hours after the fishing trip. With all the transactions taken care of, all you have to do is fishing!

Contact our customer support team if you have any doubts:

Best Price

The prices listed on our website are highly competitive. All prices are for the entire fishing trip, and we encourage the captains the list them with VAT and other taxes. There are no booking fees charged.

Easy & Fast

The booking process is easy and fast:

1. Choose where you want to fish.

2. Choose a boat or guide you like most. Choose when and how you want to fish

3. When you've made a booking request, your booking request will be sent automatically to the charter operator. You will only be charged if the charter operator accepts your request within 24 hours. If the charter operator declines or does not respond, no charge.

4. Payment on the safe page REDSYS or via PayPal

5. If the charter operator accepts the booking you'll receive a booking confirmation via e-mail.

Why list your business

Tom's Catch helps people book their fishing trip. It's free to sign up and with a built in community, your listing will be seen by a worldwide audience.

1. Free to list: List your fishing trips for free on the Tom's Catch platform. It's easy and fast. We charge a commission when you receive a successful booking. For more information please contact us here:

2. Ensure your payments: Tom's Catch secures the bookings charging a deposit. The balance will be settled directly to the charter operator on the day of the fishing trip.

3. Multiple listings: If you have several boats or you organize fishing trips is different areas, you can list them all!

4. translations: You can use your own translations or you can use our automatic translations in different languages. People in the whole world will understand you.

5. Accept and decline bookings: When you receive a successful booking, you'll receive a message via e-mail. You'll be able to accept or decline the booking on your computer, mobile or tablet.

6. Availability: Easily manage your availability & reservations. Up-date your calendar regularly and you'll avoid unnecessary e-mails and safe time. And, users who up-date regularly their calendars get a better ranking.

7. Google: We work directly with Google's Platform. the website is hosted on Google's servers which makes Tom's Catch fast, reliable and with an enormous processing capacity.

8. Smartphones & tablets: has a responsive design to offer a better user experience. Accept, decline bookings, upload your latest catches, up-date your calendar and check your next trips on your tablet or mobile phone.